Forklift Truck Pre-Shift Work

service and parts checklistOSHA and ANSI require users to inspect forklifts at the start of every shift. These and other periodic inspections are your responsibility and these guidelines are to assist you in that work. Whether you look at as a moral or fiscal obligation, you know you cannot have your head in the sand on these points. Too much is at stake. Continue reading

Don’t Just Sit There! Start Reviewing Forklift Hazards

lockout tagout tagForklift hazards are common and too frequently ignored or misunderstood. It is the responsibility of the forklift operator to know these hazards and the responsibility of the forklift owner to make certain they do. The information about the hazards is only as far away as your forklift’s operator’s manual, that manual by OSHA standards should be always with each of your forklifts. Look to it as a resource for use in making your workplace safer, look to it as a terrific list of workplace tool box safety talks. Continue reading

Know Forklift Hazards? Easy If You Do It Smart

working smartYou only need to look as far as your forklift’s operator’s and owners manual for a list of hazards that you and your operators need to be continually mindful of. It isn’t a long list and would not take a great deal of time to discuss before a work shift. Consider using your operator’s manual as a source of safety related topics to cover in your tool box safety meetings. Continue reading

Operator’s Manual: Revealing the Secrets

forklift parkedThere it is, right there behind us generally, the lift truck’s operator’s manual. Full of insights and information critical to the safe use of our forklift and much more, certainly it’s worth a few moments of discovery. Uncovering the secret of the operator’s manual only takes the time it costs to open it to become familiar with the value found inside and then make it a practice to share that information with your operators. Continue reading

The Operators Manual: The Good Book

cover forklift operators manualCall it the good book, the forklift operators manual should be found on any forklift in use in your facility. Make checking that point your first priority. Your second should be insuring that you and your operators have read the book. Short on pages, but deep on valuable information the book is certainly worth the small amount of time it would take you to internalize. When you think of the tens of thousands of dollars invested in the equipment it was written for, maybe you’ll see the justification easier.

Continue reading

Hazard Communication in the Warehouse

forklift in warehouse with hazerdous materialWarehouses often store hazardous materials, these materials after all have to be warehoused and transported just like any other commodity. The presence of hazardous materials in the warehouse requires that a high degree of attention is given to communicating the dangers surrounding the material, what procedures are needed handling the material and what action points there are should something go wrong. Continue reading

Warehouse Safety, Inviting Danger

dark warehouse and safetyBy design the warehouse is a busy environment used by manufacturers, exporters, importers, transport businesses and wholesalers, among others. It is also a workplace that has safety concerns at every turn, docks, racking, walkways, lighting, and air quality are just a few of the potential hazards that have to be addressed. Then of course there are the forklifts, running in and out of racking, crossing paths with and working near pedestrians. Without a high degree of focus the forklift can be a tragedy waiting to happen. So in the warehouse, because we can’t live without them, we have to learn to “live” with them. Continue reading

Is There a Safety Hack?

toyota steering wheelWorkplace safety is important in any business, even more so where forklifts are present. Large, powerful and fast these machines are doing wondrous work for all of us in helping get products and goods from one point to another, playing a huge role in the world’s logistical needs. That said using these machines brings on a host of risks, risks that can only be mitigated through training and experience. What if there were a shortcut towards enhancing safety with no investment in time or effort? What if there were a safety hack?

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6 Safety Hazards to Quickly Mitigate

Forklift in warehouseFaced with a number of areas that concern safety in your workplace, where do you start? Initially you can look to OSHA’s list for the most common areas in warehouse safety concerns. What are others experiencing, and are they really different than your own? Continue reading

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