When Forklift Maintenance Isn’t

lockout tagout tagMany forklift owners choose to maintain their fleets utilizing their own maintenance staff. We understand this and acknowledge it can be done in a manner that both serves the needs of those companies, and the requirement to provide proper maintenance, prolonging the useful life of the equipment and insuring that they are operating with safety.

Suffice it to say however, that due diligence and responsibility are commodities not often seen. Continue reading

Safety In Forklift Battery Charging

forklift battery technicianElectric forklifts are gaining in popularity over their gasoline or liquid propane powered cousins. Advances in technologies and a changing landscape over environmental concerns is propelling battery driven equipment into greater acceptance. With that widening level of acceptance, more and more companies and their employees are being exposed to concerns surrounding battery charging, and battery maintenance. Continue reading

What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About Forklift Safety

forklift safety materialIn fact Wikipedia comes up short on anything forklift safety related. At least through my version of Google you’ll see that the gory Klaus video is featured and then it rolls onto describing the various types of forklifts. There are just somethings you can’t get on the internet. One of them being a sound approach to training, qualifying and then certifying your own forklift operators. Continue reading

Infographic: Why Scissor Lifts Are Scarier than Dating Taylor Swift

scissor lifts at workAlright now that we have your attention let’s get on with our concerns surrounding the application and uses of scissor lifts. You’ve seen scissor lifts at construction sights, on trailers being pulled about by HVAC, electrical and plumbing contractors even in the hallways at school. While they’re not as common as some construction equipment, as a useful piece of equipment they have been adapted into many industries. Our worry is that there isn’t enough training done for the operators, and there isn’t enough done by way of maintenance or annual inspections. Continue reading

Infographic: 7 Forklift Things You Won’t See on Tumblr

forklift things not neededIt might be labeled heresy, but here goes. There are options often sold with a new forklift that may actually be unneeded. Some in fact might be labeled as potentially dangerous. If you’d like to see what they might be, we’d enjoy showing you. Continue reading

Safety And Those Few Ounces

walking techRecently I published a post talking about the boot trucks visit, and how our technicians and parts personnel are put into steel toed or in many cases steel toed and metatarsal protective footwear. Just after that post we were in fact visited by OSHA who praised the practice of our company insuring that level of protection was made available at company expense. During that interview I pointed out to OSHA that while indeed it is a generous program, it isn’t entirely altruistic, and that a recent incident reminded of just that. Continue reading

How to Be Unpopular in the Forklift World

forklift workingThe forklift world is big and getting bigger and more professional every day.  More now than ever critical attention is being paid to practices that have always been important but were previously passed on if not outright ignored. We’ve put a list of our favorite pet peeves together, see if you’re involved in any of them. Continue reading

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