Maintenance Can you Find Balance?

Life shouldn’t be done in extremes, despite what reality TV might try to tell us. Everything works better if there is a balance used in how it’s used, ingested or in the case of forklifts, maintained.

A silent killer [OK that’s extreme] in reaching cost per hour goals is planned maintenance that is done to frequently. Look to your maintenance records or the maintenance decal on your lift. Ascertain how frequently or perhaps infrequently your planned maintenance schedule is being handled.

Internal combustion units should be addressed approximately every 250 hours, while electric units might be done every 500 hours. Like everything conditions and usage patterns and environments can vary these numbers, but they should be close. If they are not inquire with your provider why they have, then think about inquiring with another source to get a second opinion.

Planned maintenance is a terrific investment or insurance against costly, unplanned repairs. But if done poorly it can be a program that lulls you into a false sense of security, while all the while billing you for the disservice.

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