Safety: Forklift Tires, More On Cushions

We are going through some of the reasons you and or your operators need to include your lift truck tires in their daily operators checklist. Reasons that frankly often escape the average lift truck owner because like the title states, the tire is still “round and black”. If you’re coming to this post first prior to reading the others, they should be just below if you scroll down. We started this on Monday.

More reasons safety your tire can provide has been compromised, and we’ll wrap it up here for the cushions:

  1. Cracking: Seen in the rubber on the face of the tires, cracks obviously take away from the stability of the tire and are often caused by overloading the tire, or stationary turning
  2. Out of round: Most often you’ll see this at the band itself, the band is no longer a nice clean circle, but will have spots that are pushed inward. This is most often or always caused by the tire hitting something, generally something projecting outward into the pathway of the truck.

Stability in all aspects of a lift trucks use needs to be maintained. Imperfect tires are often overlooked even in the most diligent lift truck inspections. It’s an industrial application right? You should expect to see damaged tires sometimes. Expect is yes, but do not underestimate the level of reliance your putting on those tires, and work to insure you give a lot of weight to replacing tires that risk accident or injuries in the workplace.

We will go over some on pneumatic [air] tires tomorrow. Please remember through TMHU and Solid Deal tires we can offer you some exceptional pricing on fully guaranteed tires. Installed at your location, on YOUR schedule. Call today.

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