Forklift Tire Problems Roll On

forklift tires in pileThe forklift tire is critical to forklift safety [provides stability] and for protecting the operator and the forklift itself from vibrations by acting as the forklift’s only form of shock absorption. The forklift tire is subject to harm through the environment it works in, operational patterns, and to some extent, operator abuse. With information from Toyota Forklift tire supplier Camso, we have put together a group of articles that work to explain tire problems, their causes and possible solutions. Our first piece was “The Troubles With Forklift Tires“, followed by “More Trouble with Forklift Tires” and “Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Forklift Tire Failure

With a little understanding of what might go wrong with a tire, there is potential to correct circumstances before tire problems occur. While tire failures aren’t often catastrophic, they are disruptive and costly. Continue reading

Secrets Your Parents Never Told You About Forklift Tire Failure

your parentsAround forklift trucks, the forklift tire should be a lot like Grandpa wanted of kids, better seen than heard. Simply round and black until something goes wrong, forklift tires carry our loads, protect the forklift operators and the products transported. They are of course the only suspension a lift truck has, and also are critical to the stability of the machine.

Over the past few weeks with the help of Camso we have been highlighting the different ways a forklift tire can fail, and in some cases offering solutions to prevent these failures. You can visit our first post here, and the send post here. Lets’ continue!

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More Trouble with Forklift Tires

forklift tire troubleWhile some forklift tires seem to wear like iron, other tires seem to need replacement almost immediately. What are the reasons behind these differences? Sometimes of course can be due to the quality of the tire,  you do get what you pay for. Other times it may be any one of the problems that Solideal or Camso summarized for the industrial forklift tire consumer. So many forklift owners have trouble with tires, we though it important to share some of the reasons “good tires go bad”. Continue reading

The Troubles With Forklift Tires

forklift tireThere isn’t likely anything on a forklift put more in harms way than the lift trucks tires. Every day they’re asked to run over, through and into just about anything imaginable. Throw in a little fun making forklift doughnuts and it’s no wonder why so many forklift tires seem to “fail”.

Some time ago Solideal now known as Camso published information about forklift tire failures and what the root causes are. We wanted to share some of that information here. Continue reading

Forklift Tires: More than round and Black

forklift tiresTire failure occurs from time to time. Rubber separates from the banding or in some cases the rubber’s durometer or hardness is poor. Generally these failures are uncovered or seen in a relatively short period of time or use. Both conditions create an unsafe condition in that they contribute to the forklifts instability while in motion, risking control issues as well as loss of loads. Continue reading

Forklift Tires: The Only Thing between You and the Floor

forklift on a bumpy roadTo begin with an average forklift doesn’t pretend to compete with your father’s Buick for the ride it give your personnel or product. The situation is only addressed by the tires your units has, to protect your people and product from a jarring ride you need to monitor tire condition. Continue reading

Forklift Tire Safety: Pneumatics

On to pneumatic or air filled tires. There are also foam filled pneumatics and solid [resilient] pneumatics, either of which go a long way towards reducing or eliminating flats [which should pay for the extra expense of a solid or the filling].

Before choosing one type or the other, consider the conditions of your lot, the type of loads your carrying, distances that are going to be traveled, and to what degree you want “ride” to be a factor, keeping in mind that the solids will be the roughest ride, particularly in winter, with foam filled running a close second.

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Forklift Tire Safety – Cushions

We started yesterday explaining a few examples of how a cushion tire is compromised, and pointing out what that WILL lead to in how your employee, machine and product is treated, as well as what it MIGHT lead to when a failure of the tire causes full or partial loss of control of the lift truck’s ability to navigate or carry a load with stability.

Let’s continue to focus on some more common problems seen with a tire that’s become unsafe despite still being “round and black”.

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Tire Safety: Not Just Round and Black

Why are forklift tires important? And when should they be replaced?

The first question is easy, tires are essential for softening the ride your employee, equipment and product experiences, there is nothing else to absorb the shocks received as your lumbering machine makes its way across the shop floor or yard. The tire also has factors that involve safety, and for that reason there needs to be more care given to replacement, ignoring the often heard declaration of a tire’s soundness from the customer “well they’re still round and black”.

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