Whether you or someone else is doing the planned maintenance on your lift truck. Make it a habit or rule that the date of the oil change and the unit’s hour meter are written in grease pen on the filter. This will ensure at a glance you or your drivers during their daily operation check can determine just how long it’s been since the last service. It will also go a long way towards peace of mind that your costly piece of equipment is getting the care it requires forklift oil filter

Good Forklift Maintenance: It Is Not Rocket Science

Additionally, during the oil change make sure that you have the oil drain pan plug inspected for damaged threads, and that the gasket is checked for cracks, or in the worst cases not missing. This will help keep your oil where it belongs [protecting your investment], and off the floors where it becomes a safety issue if not just a mess. forklift oil pan


Lastly, make it part of your maintenance routine to keep a handy record that can be referenced during that daily inspection of just when the last service was. Toyota Lift of Minnesota and most service providers will have a maintenance sticker, refer to it and the filter date to keep your maintenance schedule consistent with the manufacturer’s recommended interval.

forklift maintenance decal or sticker

Accountability breeds responsibility, and these small steps or procedures can pay off large in the prevention of premature wear or even engine failure.

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