Wednesday we looked at some of the thoughts seen behind accounts that prefer for a number of reasons not to use an outside service provider for lift truck maintenance. If you missed it take a second to review it quickly, and click on the sheet we display there. The sheet makes points that might help you understand or acknowledge more deeply some of the hidden costs behind that decision.

In closing I’d like to bring out three common threads, and just make a quick case asking you to consider self maintenance just a little bit more.

  • You think you can do it faster, thereby keeping machine downtime to a minimum.

While you might be able to start on the repair quicker, [we do respond to emergency breakdown calls on average in less than three hours] it is true in many cases you will not be able to finish for lack of parts or the technical information needed to troubleshoot and finalize. Additionally you may find that without the proper diagnosis you are apt to replace parts not needed, take longer to do the repair, and in the worst case potentially increase the time needed for the proper repair.

  • You want to maintain control of the care of your equipment because you really don’t trust us to take optimum care of your investment.

There is little we can do here until you allow us the opportunity. We are prepared to perform a free planned maintenance call, and have you work with our technician on what is found. No obligation, no pressure. Just the chance to see the TLM difference put forward even through a standard PM.

  • No one from our dealership has solicited your service business.

Of all the things we are guilty of, I would hope this is one we are not. We are all too familiar with the slight given retailers, and have any number of procedures in place to insure that we are not counted among them. Toyota-Lift of Minnesota supports the products that it sells, and stands behind them. We would be honored to be your service organization and will contact you very soon after you’ve received delivery of your equipment or in many cases just before.

We’re not the first to tackle this argument, we ran across an editable worksheet put out by Warehouse IQ an online resource for warehouse managers and distribution professionals. In their online worksheet you have the opportunity to plug in some of your numbers. Give it a try keeping in mind you want first to be honest with answers, and second that your looking for a number at the bottom to be roughly $1800.00 or below. Find their sheet through this link.

At the end of the day it comes down to making the least costly decision, balancing downtime against the repair cost whether done in house or through a service provider. Call us, give us the chance to explain to you how we can get you out of our business, and back to doing your business so both strengths are exploited allowing improvement to your efficiencies and bottom line.

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