You’ve kept your forklift maintenance in house, just makes sense controlling your expenses and optimizing equipment up time? You’re certain it’s the best approach, aren’t you, or is it just something you’ve always done?

Let’s look at how to determine the real cost of doing your own shop work.

When you repair your equipment yourself, it seems like you should save money. The parts cost ought to be about the same whether your company does it or we do it. And, chances are our hourly rate is higher than the rate you pay your own technicians. But that is only part of the picture!

Consider your investment in tools, equipment, shop space, insurance, fringe benefits supervision and unproductive time. Who pays for the re-work?

These are all part of the real cost of making your own repairs. The worksheet on the next few pages is designed to help you identify all direct and allocated expenses that should be charged to your maintenance and repair operation.

After you’ve looked at all your costs, you may be surprised to find our service charges are less than what you are now spending.

Four highly important cost considerations:

  • Fewer hours . . . Our training, special tools and experience let us complete most repairs in less time, so fewer hours are required. Look at the total bill, not just the hourly rate.
  • Fewer parts . . . We are experienced in lift truck parts re-usability. We can reduce parts bills by reusing serviceable parts. At the same time, those guidelines avoid reusing parts that have gone too far. The result is lower parts costs per job when we do the work.
  • Testing . . . Rebuilt components are tested when appropriate so problems can be corrected before the component is installed and the machine goes back to work.
  • Better maintenance . . . Letting us handle your complex repairs frees your personnel up to do a better job of day to day maintenance . . . a very wise and productive investment of your maintenance and repair funds.

Other advantages of our company doing your repair work:

Guaranteed Work, Superior Quality Work, Reduced Repair Costs, Specific Tax Advantages, Decreased Technician Work Force, Decreased Parts Inventory, Better Re-sale/Trade-Ins.

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We have a worksheet you might want to utilize, it will help you analyze your internal costs. After you have figured all the costs of servicing your equipment and the equipment of your other suppliers, in your own shop, call us for a comparison. Or ask your TLM Customer Service Sales Representative to assist you in making the analysis.

Our special training and experience, specialized tools and equipment, immediate access to needed parts and efficient reuse of acceptable parts can help you control repair costs. This is yet another of TLM’s services to its’ customers.

Let us discuss this at length with you, ask yourself to what extent is doing internal repairs getting in the way of your core business? We repair forklifts for a living, your company does something else quite different.

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