certified forklift operatorsGive a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. The saying has a lot of applications, and we’d like to talk about how it works in regards to forklift safety training and our train the trainer program.

We have an experienced staff here quiet capable of training your personnel on your equipment [emphasis on your equipment and location], we would like to stress the impact that direct training by your staff can have on your employees and to that end we like to mention our Train the Trainer program.

The OSHA standard requires employers to develop and implement a training program based on the general principles of safe forklift operation, the types of vehicles being used in the workplace, the hazards of the workplace created by the use of the vehicle(s), and the general safety requirements of the OSHA standard. We like to ask who better to do that than someone on your staff?

With our train the trainer program your people are first taken through the OSHA standard, then given the tools to take those requirements to your employees in a self managed training program.

forklift safety training materialWhat’s Involved With the Train the Trainer Program

  • Covers all aspects of Forklift Safety Training, enabling you to train your employees in the safe operation of Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklifts).
  • Complete Training Manual
  • O.S.H.A. requirements
  • Fundamentals of Safe Operating Techniques
  • Operator Responsibility
  • Operating Environments
  • Characteristics of Lift Trucks
  • Data Plates
  • Load Centers
  • Brake Systems
  • Battery & Propane Safety
  • Pre-Shift Inspection
  • And More

What’s included in Train the Trainer:

  • Continental Breakfast
  • Catered Lunch
  • Coffee and alternative beverages throughout the day
  • Complete training guide
  • Operator Training Material For Classes I, II, III, IV, and V
  • Fork Caliper
  • Fork, Chain and Tire wear judging instruction sheets
  • Internal Combustion and Electric daily check lists
  • Assorted literature emphasizing in plain English the importance and meaning of lift truck safety
  • Drawings held for material handling collectables

Every year there are dozens of forklift related deaths, thousands more are injured, and while all this is happening we know that a very low percentage of individuals using lift trucks are given the training required prior to crawling in behind the wheel.

Lay all this on top of the times we’re working through, and the cost of training may become a larger factor now than ever before, bringing us back to preparing someone within your organization with the knowledge and tools to prevent tragedy. Training needs to be promoted from the top down.

Watch our activity calendar for upcoming classes. Generally scheduled about once per quarter. See Link

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