toyota forklift in snowHere in Minnesota, or the upper Midwest for that matter we all know that before we want it, winter will be upon us. For material handing equipment, operating in temperatures sometimes below zero presents a different set of challenges.

One of the most basic concerns however for internal combustion units is the condition of the unit’s antifreeze. What is your degree of protection?

For the price of replacing an engine, if you can’t quickly answer that question you need to take the walk out to that equipment and look yourself.

measuring the protectionPlanned Maintenance Procedure For It

Toyota Lift of Minnesota has in it’s planned maintenance procedures that the degree of protection is written on or near the radiator so that you or the next tech can see at a glance that the unit’s fluid is ready to protect against freezing and of course, provide the cooling properties we always expect of it.

If you’re doing your own maintenance, or if someone other than Toyota Lift of Minnesota is, we recommend that you enact your own procedure mimicking ours. Write the level of protection on the radiator, Toyota Industrial Equipment recommends it be at -37 degrees.

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