Some habits die hard.

It was approximately 33 years ago when I answered a help wanted ad for a parts person at what was then one of two White forklift dealers in Minnesota. After a short interview my career in lift trucks had begun. What a long strange trip it’s been.

My partner today was the guy that hired me then, and one of our technicians working at TLM today at the time worked at the other White dealership in town. My point is, we’re still around even if the manufacturer isn’t.

Each year it gets a little hard to find more and more critical parts, but through inventory purchases and some clever sourcing we’ve done what we can.

We published a similar post back in October of 2009, but with my MLT/TLM anniversary just a few months ago, I’ve been reminiscing about the past years, recalling our fondness for the old line.

I first started at this company 28 years ago, [hired by the same guy after the recession in the 80’s], the company then was known as Minnesota Lift Truck, today our name represents our primary line, but we’d like to remind everyone that we are still your best hope when it comes to finding parts for that old Moline, White or Mobilift that might still limp into your shop.

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