Planned Mainteance ManualYou think scheduled or planned maintenance is too costly, or perhaps you believe you’re internal maintenance personnel can adequately perform the task.

You may be partially correct, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, not in maintaining a piece of expensive equipment that is continually put through the rigors of hard use in environments that are often less than perfect.

First, there is most defiantly a cost associated with proper planned maintenance, but that cost can be controlled by fine tuning the frequency at which it occurs. Secondly, certainly any well intending individual can do cursory maintenance, changing the engine oil, maybe greasing the visible zerks and changing out the occasional burn bulb.

Why Forklift Planned Maintenance

You or yours have invested a very large sum of capital into a machine that will if maintained properly will give you the productivity and dependability your business requires.

Toyota-Lift of Minnesota offers a planned maintenance program that offers a guarantee your equipment will be productive and safe.

We confident we can prove this to you and will offer to do a FREE planned maintenance call on your Toyota equipment to show you the benefits.

If you own our equipment and are not presently under a planned maintenance agreement with us call, and we’ll schedule your visit, free.

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