The AICHI Vertical Mast Lift delivers a versatile solution for tight-fitting construction and maintenance needs like piping, plumbing, and painting. A zero-degree turn radius offers the key to accessing hard to reach locations. Using state-of-the-art AC drive motors, it also offers precise travel and industry-leading run time that equate to greater efficiency and low cost of ownership.

The thoughtful design of the AICHI Vertical Mast Lift puts you in control and grants everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The ergonomic control handle and smooth AC drive motors allow for precise positioning of the lift in tight quarters. A standard 110V power outlet allows for convenient use of power tools and battery chargers. And an intuitively designed platform extension provides an additional 15 inches of working space, making it easier to safely reach across objects.

AICHI is a trusted worldwide aerial equipment manufacturer, renowned for its tradition of excellence and commitment to quality and efficiency. Here are some reasons you can count on the efficiencies AICHI can bring you.

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  • 30-inch width to enter tight locations
  • 4’ 6” length for narrow navigation
  • Up to 21’ 9” working platform height for tall tasks

Features and Advantages

  • Anti-Rollback Functionality
  • 3-Stage Telescoping Mast
  • Platform Extension
  • Tilt Alarm

360 Degrees of Access and Dependability

  • Platform Extension to 15 inches.
  • Anti-Rollback Function
  • 3-Stage Telescoping Mast
  • 110V Power Outlet to Platform
  • Lower Control Panel with Multi-Function Display

Ease of Service

  • No-Tools-Required Service Access Panels
  • Toyota-Designed and Built Motor Controllers for Reduced Maintenance
  • Hydraulic Oil Level Indicator
  • Brushless AC Drive Motors
  • Hour Meter, Error Code Display, and Battery Discharge Indicator

Click for for brochure and spec sheetDesigned to Last

AICHI’s Engineering Success

AICHI’s industry-leading design approach is founded upon a tradition of excellence and a proven track record of innovation, such as standard AC drive motors.

With 250,000 units sold worldwide and over 50 years of business experience, AICHI has firmly established itself as the leading authority in aerial lifts.

Aichi and Toyota: Premier Scissor Lift Manufacturers and Distributors

With a growing global presence and a loyal customer base, AICHI gained the attention of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) as one of the most dependable aerial work platform manufacturers in the world. Such an excellent product presented an opportunity to join two companies with closely shared values, and AICHI officially became a subsidiary of TICO in 2003.


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