Toyota Forklift’s ASEC Certification Program Customer Pledge

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toyota asec parts service collageThe ASEC certification program is a process to help dealers focus on improved safety, productivity and customer satisfaction. The ASEC certification is a process to help dealers focus on improved safety, productivity and customer satisfaction. Alright, that sounds good but what does it bring to you the customer?

When even one piece of equipment is down, it can slow your entire operation. You need to be back up and running as quickly as possible, ensuring you meet all of your deadlines. That’s why efficient and effective aftermarket services from your dealer is essential to your success.

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Why on Earth Are Warehouses Working so Hard to Go Dark?

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dark warehouseOnce upon a time, warehouses were staffed with people. Now though, they are increasingly run via automation and robotics. This is what a dark warehouse is. It’s not so much that the warehouse doesn’t need lights. Of course it doesn’t; unlike humans, robots don’t need light to be able to operate. But it’s more that “dark” means an absence of human input. They are termed dark warehouses because they theoretically could operate in the dark. – Claire Kerr

Ecommerce is forever changing the way customers shop and the way businesses operate. More and more customers are shopping online and having orders shipped to a nearby store or more likely shipped directly to their homes. More importantly customers are expecting it to arrive quicker than ever before. This expectation of 2-day delivery is putting stress on businesses today and will continue to pressure businesses into changing the way they operate. Queue dark warehousing. Dark warehousing is a concept that is becoming more and more popular, although it comes at a price. What is a Dark Warehouse? Continue reading

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Planned Maintenance: Invest in Your New Forklifts

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When you purchase a planned maintenance plan, you’ll pay a monthly fee to have your forklift serviced at every planned maintenance interval. Replacement parts and additional fixes are not included. … The first cost reduction you’ll see with a maintenance plan will be in downtime.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have even one thing about your job made easy? One area where …

  • You rarely (if ever) encounter unexpected downtime due to a repair emergency.
  • You have the luxury of being able to plan “workarounds” ahead of time because you know well in advance what’s happening and when.
  • You have peace of mind that, should you need a last-minute repair, a dedicated partner will have your back and keep your business moving.

Investing in a maintenance plan can make this dream-like scenario a reality for you in your operation’s equipment maintenance and repairs.

Too often, forklift manufacturers are unable or unwilling to provide the type of care and maintenance that can make fleet management easy. With Toyota, we’re dedicated to being your full-life material handling partner – long after the sale of a new forklift. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a maintenance plan, like Toyota 360 Support Plus.

What is Planned Maintenance — and How Can It Help You?

A maintenance plan is exactly what it sounds like: a way for you to plan any necessary, routine maintenance when it’s convenient to you and your business.

This affords you the opportunity to run the show on your own timetable — orchestrating maintenance on a tailor-made schedule so you can optimize workload and keep things moving. As an added bonus, having your forklifts regularly serviced also extends the longevity of your equipment and makes the need for unexpected emergency repairs far less likely.

Best of all? Agreeing to a maintenance plan up front can often SAVE you money on the cost of maintenance and repairs you would need to have done anyway — not to mention the cost of downtime you might encounter with a more “reactive” approach to maintenance.

Toyota: Toyota 360 Support Plus and Your PM Program

To us, Toyota 360 Support Plus is more than a maintenance plan. It’s our promise to provide you added peace of mind that your forklifts will maintain the operational efficiency you need to keep a competitive edge.

This means a whole year of planned maintenance. Skilled Toyota Certified Technicians. Toyota Genuine Parts that keep your Toyota running like a Toyota. Four-hour guaranteed response times. An Extra Care Warranty. Optional T-Matics support. All from a full-support forklift supplier with a name you can trust.

Check out our Toyota 360 Support Plus pricing or speak to your local Toyota Forklift dealer for additional information about this industry-leading planned maintenance option.

We would enjoy hearing from you. Post your ideas or comments below, let’s start a dialog.

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We would welcome the opportunity to cover your material handling questions or concerns. Toyota Lift of Minnesota works very hard to be your partner and material handling, consultant.

Do You Think You Know the Objectives of the Toyota Production System?

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You’ve probably heard of the Toyota Production System, maybe in a college course you took or while working in the manufacturing or material handling industry.

It’s a tried and true process developed from the philosophy of just-in-time production, an approach solidified by Toyota’s early founders. The Toyota Production System (often referred to as “TPS”) has benefited more than just Toyota’s automobile or material handling manufacturing facilities. TPS has found its way to hospitals to make healthcare safer and more efficient and to manufacturers of products outside of heavy machinery. TPS is world-renowned, and you may wonder how TPS can benefit your own facility.

The success of the Toyota Production System could not be achieved without one of its ultimate objectives: the total elimination of waste. Continue reading

Pump Up Your Efficiencies With An Integrated Fork Scale’s Abilities

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toyota pallet jack with scaleRather than making a stop, unloading, checking a weight, reloading, and getting back on course, the integrated fork scale on your electric walkie streamlines the process and lets you deliver a pallet to its endpoint immediately.

Devising ways to control inventory in a fast-paced warehouse can be a daunting task. Taking into account the velocity of goods, demand for throughput, storage facilities, storage space, and various technological management systems can be overwhelming.

There are myriad of ways to sift through the task of managing inventory. We even published a piece recently that offers several inventory management techniques that you might explore. But when it comes to keeping track of inventory, the workflows are so various and operation-specific that it can be difficult to make broad and sweeping recommendations. Rather than try, I hope to be able to provide one consideration that might help some inventory and warehouse managers eliminate a few steps in their process and streamline material movement – using an electric pallet jack with an integrated fork scale in order to count and manage inventory Continue reading

Bring 5s and Lean Management to Your Own Desktop

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5s a cluttered deskBring 5S and lean management to your desktop. Just because your workspace is a cubical or office versus a factory production line or warehouse doesn’t mean you don’t need a clean, safe, organized place to conduct business. Toyota’s world-renowned Lean Management operational processes are widely applied to all business operations in varied industries.“5S” can even help you turn that cluttered desk into an efficient work station!5S is based on principles starting with the letter “S”. In Japanese, Seiri (Sort), Seiton (Systematize), Seiso (Shine), Seiketsu (Standardize), and Shitsuke (Sustain). Let’s look at how each of these principles will get you one step closer to a clutter-free desk. 5s and lean management, it’s about being more. Continue reading

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It’s Late, Do You Know Where Your Autonomous Vehicle Is?

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they're hereGrowing up, one of the first examples I can remember of an autonomous vehicle was the Batmobile. Regardless of whether it was single-handedly taking down a chemical plant or helping to save Adam West from a catapult, the Batmobile’s self-driving capabilities were something to behold.

While equipping our vehicles with grappling hook launchers and explosive caltrops is pretty nonsensical, marked advancements in technology have made it possible for an autonomous vehicle to become a distinct reality.

Today, many different types of equipment such as AGVs and industrial robotics are used to handle monotonous tasks such as building and horizontally transporting pallets. The next logical step in this transition is to automate the stacking and storage of products, something that current AGV models are incapable of performing.

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Material Handling in the Automated Warehouse

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autonomous logistic vehicle toyota eu future forklift ai warehouseConceptualizing the future state of material handling is no easy task. After all, how much could you possibly improve the highly automated warehouses of today? The A.I. TeamLogistics Concept from Toyota Material Handling does just that by visualizing how connected vehicles could use advanced technology to deliver a continuous flow and optimized logistics operations.

The concept of automated forklifts performing material handling tasks is not new, but the A.I. TeamLogistics Concept takes it a step further by visualizing how advanced artificial intelligence could optimize warehousing efficiency and productivity. At the core of the vision are four new concept vehicles: Continue reading

Understanding the Economic Life of Your Forklift Truck. Do You?

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Toyota Forklifts are built to be reliable, but the life of all material handling equipment will eventually come to an end. As an operations manager, you’re in control of when to get new machines into your operation. And as an operator, you know when your forklift is breaking down way too often. When bigger issues arise or when several small issues are keeping your forklift out of use, you may be asking yourself “Is it worth the time and money to put into this old machine?” This question means you’re considering the economic life of your forklift. Every forklift has two lives, its useful life, and its economic life. Useful life is pretty simple. If your forklift cannot be repaired and is no longer used productively, then it has seen the end of its useful life. Economic life is more complicated and requires more planning for both use and material procurement. This information can help you decide if your forklift’s economic life is coming to an end. Continue reading

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Give Us 3 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Skinny On the Choices You Have in Forklift Attachments

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forklift attachmentWhen you run a forklift or an entire fleet of them—the challenges are real. Forklift attachments can help you outfit your forklifts to making them safer, less prone to damage, more productive, and easier to operate.

Forks are undeniably the most popular attachment for a forklift. However, they are not always the right attachment for every application, as some loads require unique attachments to get the job done. And if forks are the choice attachment, there are additional attachments available that help those forks perform certain jobs better, such as side shifters or fork positioners.

Selecting and using the right attachment for your application can results in higher productivity, less damage to the load, less stress on the forklift, and added convenience for the forklift operator. So, what attachments are the most popular? Continue reading

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