Give Us 3 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Skinny On the Choices You Have in Forklift Attachments

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forklift attachmentWhen you run a forklift or an entire fleet of them—the challenges are real. Forklift attachments can help you outfit your forklifts to making them safer, less prone to damage, more productive, and easier to operate.

Forks are undeniably the most popular attachment for a forklift. However, they are not always the right attachment for every application, as some loads require unique attachments to get the job done. And if forks are the choice attachment, there are additional attachments available that help those forks perform certain jobs better, such as side shifters or fork positioners.

Selecting and using the right attachment for your application can results in higher productivity, less damage to the load, less stress on the forklift, and added convenience for the forklift operator. So, what attachments are the most popular? Continue reading

Every Forklift Fleet Management System Should Focus on These Four Things

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warehouse forklift fleet management infographicIn materials handling, telematics is the underlying technology that facilitates forklift fleet management systems. Although, it’s important to note that it doesn’t matter whether your forklift fleet consists of one truck or fifty, management systems can be incredibly useful and valuable.

If you’ve heard an anecdote beginning with, “Well, so-and-so said. . .” you are likely not alone. Part of our human nature means relying on our gut instincts and, while trusting your gut is something to be proud of, doing so isn’t always appropriate. Ensuring operational efficiency and the long-term value and ROI of capital equipment such as forklifts means having a good handle on how that equipment is being used within your operation. You may have a strong hunch about how equipment is being operated, but backing up that intuition with solid data is always the way to go! A vehicle management system (VMS) is a way to make sure you’re getting the right data to help you take firm, decisive action.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming data management can seem. And the data you’ll receive from a VMS like Toyota’s T-Matics Command or T-Matics Mobile can be overwhelming – unless you establish a few clear goals right from the beginning. Continue reading

Standing Desks and Stand up Forklifts May Be Better for You but Can Not Be Compared

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stand up versus three wheel narrow aise warehouseStanding desks are all the rage now in today’s workplace. While many people I know with standing desks hardly use them, they’re at least there in case you want to stretch your legs every once in a while and get a good view around the office. And I suppose there are the health benefits of not sitting down throughout an entire work shift.

But choosing between a stand-up rider and sit-down forklift is about more than the potential health benefits. Using the correct piece of equipment can actually have a major impact on the safety of your workplace. This guide will help show you the pros and cons of both types of forklifts and point you in the right direction for your next purchase, lease, or rental decision. Continue reading

Challenging Warehouses to Become Sustainable

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Forklift in warehouseAs the push for sustainable business practices continues to grow stronger, more and more warehouses are adopting “green” initiatives. Toyota has been practicing sustainable business practices, led by the guiding rules of the Toyota Production System, and continues to improve our impact on the environment. Practices such as Just-In-Time and Jidoka have helped Toyota Forklifts’ manufacturing site achieve a zero-landfill facility status. With benefits ranging from positive environmental impacts to substantial cost savings, making changes in your facility is worth your while. Here are a few of the ways you can bring green warehousing practices to your own facility: Continue reading

Aichi E-series Scissor Lift: Just Why Is It so Unique?

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scissor lift by aichiAccording to a study published by Global Market Insights in February 2018, the rental market for aerial work platforms is expected to reach $24 billion by the year 2024 (up from around $15 billion in 2016). This sharp increase in demand is largely attributable to the booming construction industry with scissor lifts seeing the largest increase in equipment demand.

And it makes sense. Scissor lifts are practical, inherently safer than using a ladder, and they’re a more economical solution than many other powered types of equipment. So how do you choose the right scissor lift for your application? They’re all essentially the same, right? They travel and lift and lower and that’s usually good enough to get the job done isn’t it?

Well, not quite. While many people tend to focus on the upfront cost as the only factor when purchasing or renting this type of equipment, this could end up costing you in reduced efficiency, performance, and safety, among other factors. This guide will help you understand these factors and make a better, more informed decision when it comes to the type of equipment you want on the job site. Continue reading

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Electric Forklift Trucks: The Good and the Bad

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toyota three wheel electric forklift in warehouseEvery model of forklift has its own unique advantages. Using the right forklift for your application is important for both safety and productivity. Electric forklift trucks are a great fit for warehouses and manufacturing facilities that require primarily indoor use.  If your application requires indoor use and fumes or noise are a factor, then an electric forklift may be your ticket.  Check out the points below on Toyota’s electric forklift line: Continue reading

Forklift Tire Needed, Which Is the Best Fit?

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forklift tireThe forklift tire is critical to forklift safety [provides stability] and for protecting the operator and the forklift itself from vibrations by acting as the forklift’s only form of shock absorption. The forklift tire is subject to harm through the environment it works in, operational patterns, and to some extent, operator abuse.

Picking the right forklift tire for your operation can enhance safety and possibly cut your costs. Recently Camso launched a web based tool that give you direction in which tire you’ll need for your specific operation. Continue reading

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Propane Lift Trucks: Productivity in a Bottle

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toyota propane lift trucksRenze Display designs, builds and ships custom displays, exhibits and graphics. The Omaha, Neb., company works with up to 100 clients on a daily basis, from Fortune 500 companies to local mom-and-pop stores, located across the United States. After transitioning from electric to propane lift trucks, the company improved productivity and equipment reliability. Continue reading

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Warehousing Racking: What’s In Your Space?

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warehouse and toyota forkliftThe way you set up and use your warehouse and racking within your warehouse can either help or hurt your efficiency and productivity, particularly when it comes to forklifts and other material handling equipment operating within your racking system. Increasing efficiency and productivity, means strategically placing product and using the right kind of racking for your specific industry. It also means using the right fork lifts and other material handling equipment.

Many effective distribution centers utilize two to three different types of warehouse racking depending on product. Effective distribution centers utilize the full clear height of the building which is typically 18 inches below the lowest point of the ceiling. It’s always necessary to select storage racks based on the kind of inventory you’re storing and to place your fastest moving SKUs together and in the most accessible places. Continue reading

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Toyota Forklift: Look What’s Inside

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Toyota forklift engines infographicToyota Forklift trucks are unique in many ways. They feature the System of Active Stability (SAS) no other forklift manufacturer can offer, and they’re built using the highly revered Toyota Production System methodology. But, did you know that many Toyota Internal Combustion Forklifts are manufactured using Toyota engines?

Learn more about the Toyota Engines inside Toyota Forklifts, and how they compare below: 4Y Forklift Engine Core IC CushionCore IC Pneumatic 1ZS Forklift Engine Core IC Diesel Pneumatic 1FS Forklift Engine Large IC CushionBox Car SpecialPaper Roll SpecialMid IC PneumaticLarge IC Pneumatic 1KD Forklift Engine Mid IC Diesel PneumaticLarge IC Diesel Pneumatic Continue reading

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