Forklift Rentals: Yes or No, Making Your Choice

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toyota forklift rentals

Are forklift rentals a tool that your business could use? Forklift rentals can provide you with reliable, safe and efficient equipment in times of high demand, when your own equipment needs maintenance or when a special need has presented itself.

Are you in need of a forklift but you don’t know whether you need to rent a forklift rather than buy it? Deciding the procurement method of a forklift can have a lot of long term ramifications on your capital budget, your ROI, and even your operational efficiency. Your concern about making the right decision is well warranted. There are times where renting a forklift makes great sense for a company, but there are other situations where renting a forklift may not be the best option. This list of pros and cons for renting forklifts might help you navigate the complex decision: Continue reading

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Forklift Rentals: What’s Your Role?

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Forklift rentals couldn’t be any more common place. Still, many who enter into a forklift rental agreement are only vaguely aware of their responsibilities with the rental forklift. Let’s get some insight into a few key points that you as a renter need to understand.

Is your forklift being repaired? Do you have a sudden or short-term forklift need? Are you interested in a new forklift, but want to try it out first? If any of these scenarios apply to you, renting might be the perfect solution. Continue reading

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4 Great Questions about Forklift Rentals

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toyota forklift rentalsRenting a forklift is the most flexible, least risky way of trying something different. Whether it is a new or used forklift, forklift rentals allow you to evaluate the fit for the application in a more comprehensive manner the typical demonstration. Over a period of a few weeks or months, you can be exposed to a variety of situations that would not ordinarily present themselves during the typical 3-day trial. Continue reading

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Approaching Forklift Rentals The Right Way

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forklift salesman or csrTrying to decide which forklift is right for you? Choosing the right forklift model involves knowing about more than just the truck itself. Here are a few things you’ll want to know before making a purchase:
Continue reading

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Customers: Resolving Disappointment

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forklift customers representative csrLike most companies, we have a customer base that we are interacting with by the day, hour and minute. Dozens of our representatives work with multiple customers each day across service, sales, rentals and parts. In those interactions there are occasions where the engagement doesn’t go well. Miscommunication, promises or commitments not kept, and product failure are a sampling of what might go wrong dealing with the valued customer. These times are the most critical in the relationship between us and our customers. This is when we have to draw on experience and knowledge of the right way and the wrong way to handle the situation. Continue reading

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Why You Can’t “Drive it Like a Rental”

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rental responsibilities decalThe forklift rental business is robust and growing. Companies with lean fleets find themselves temporarily in need of additional equipment to deal with a variety of reasons, seasonal or unexpected demand, rare use or emergency replacement while another unit is repaired to name just a few.

It has to be stressed that a rental forklift, once on site, imparts the same responsibilities on the renter that forklift ownership carries. Like forklift ownership, trained drivers and adequate supervision help insure safe use and practices. Continue reading

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Forklift Rentals, It Isn’t Price

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toyota delivery methodRenting forklifts is an activity that just about every business that sells or services material handling equipment will get involved in to some extent. The more established forklift dealerships with one or more original equipment lines will invest large amounts of equipment and resources in order to serve customer demand, while smaller less developed companies will capitalize on the occasional demand they meet with equipment that they have at hand.

When the customer is ready to rent, except for cases of special needs two primary points that will sway the customer’s decision are cost, then delivery timing. Whether the equipment rented is exactly what the customer needs is important, but it is a point that in many cases is deviated from in order to satisfy pricing and/or delivery times. Continue reading

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Additional Representative Horse Power

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csr in warehouseMaybe you don’t think of it as directly related to customer service but having the people in place to lend support our unit sales staff and technicians is critical stuff in the world of customer service. No, this isn’t about the back office support staff, rather we’re talking about the customer service representative that is out in the field every day following up on new and used truck deliveries, hand delivering quotes, introducing our company to business prospects, and even dealing with customer issues. Continue reading

Rental Forklifts and Avoiding Woulda Shoulda Coulda

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forklift trucks going outI found that putting something to paper involving the forklift rentals is difficult, there isn’t really a lot of new information to share. If you follow material handling news this probably isn’t lost on you. Most articles will focus on how the individual renting can or should pick the right piece of equipment, or when it is the best time to rent. Good information I suppose but it does seems to miss the more important issue of where to rent from. Continue reading

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Quality Begins on the Inside

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quality through teamworkAchieving quality in customer service is an effort that requires everyone be pulling in the same direction. It is my firm belief that every company that achieves “quality” has people that care about those they serve and just as importantly, the manner in which or the level at which they perform their own job.

Quoting Bob Moawad “Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.” Continue reading

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