Is Buying a Used Forklift Right for You and Your Application?

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used toyota forklift pneumatic outside aniWhen it comes time to acquire a forklift, there are a few different routes you can go, including leasing, renting, buying new, and buying used. Only you, in consultation with all of the stakeholders in an operation including operators, know which options are best for your particular business. Often, buying a used forklift proves to be a cheaper option that reaps great rewards. But how do you know if you’re buying the right used machine? Here are some helpful hints about what to look for when buying a used forklift.

“As long as it has a fresh paint job and decent tires I’m comfortable that it’s a good used forklift” – No One Ever

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Forklift Procurement: The Shift from Purchasing to Leasing

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toyota forklift lease leasingThe procurement of material handling equipment is a key decision made by operations managers and procurement managers as they work toward the success of their businesses. There is quite a bit to consider, including what forklift to acquire based on specific needs in your facility, the manufacturer that can provide you the best product and service, and, of significant importance, how the equipment acquirement fits into your budget.

Though there are several factors that can influence the decision of how to acquire forklifts, procurement managers often discover that leasing their material handling equipment provides a better ROI than purchasing via cash. If you are a traditional cash customer who has just arrived at the decision to lease during your next equipment procurement cycle, you can expect some changes, many of which will end up positively affecting your business. Here is some insight into what you can expect when transitioning to forklift leasing:

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Customer Centric: Wanting What Your Customer Wants

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extrodinary customer service collageA customer-centric business is much more than a marketing concept or idea. Implementing one means challenging your business to move toward a mindset where everyone in the organization is focused primarily on the customer. It means ensuring your associates understand the value of each and every customer and their role in delivering the best customer experience possible.

I think we would all agree that customers are vital to our organizations. But what stops companies from working toward a customer-centric business model? I don’t think any company would say they are not interested in customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are critical to business success because when they are unsatisfied, they go elsewhere. Continue reading

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3 Forklift Areas of Support From Your Own Toyota Dealer

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toyota forklift dealership brooklyn park mnToyota Material Handling has one of the largest dealer networks of any material handling supplier, with 66 dealerships in over 230 locations. Chances are, there is a Toyota Dealer near you, and they are a great asset to any company with forklift equipment. In fact, it’s part of the Toyota 360 Support promise that we offer customers full support during the buying and ownership process. There are many different things that Toyota dealers can help your company with. Here are just a few services that are offered across the Toyota Dealer Network. Continue reading

The What, Whys, and Where of a Forklift Demo

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forklift salesman or csrA forklift demo [demonstration] at your location, in your working environment, is a critical step when purchasing a new or used forklift. Typically the demo will run over several days at no cost to you. With this opportunity, you will be able to resolve if the machine is the right fit for you, your operators and your business. Read on to see the points Toyota makes about the importance of the forklift demo.

When I bought my first car, I did my homework. I researched similar vehicles, evaluating the quality, price, warranty, efficiency, and more. Once I decided on the type of car I wanted, I reached out to dealers and started test driving the cars. Demoing a forklift is a very similar process. As a customer, it is your responsibility to research the type of forklift you need in your facility and the dealerships that sell that type of forklift. Continue reading

Standing Desks and Stand up Forklifts May Be Better for You but Can Not Be Compared

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stand up versus three wheel narrow aise warehouseStanding desks are all the rage now in today’s workplace. While many people I know with standing desks hardly use them, they’re at least there in case you want to stretch your legs every once in a while and get a good view around the office. And I suppose there are the health benefits of not sitting down throughout an entire work shift.

But choosing between a stand-up rider and sit-down forklift is about more than the potential health benefits. Using the correct piece of equipment can actually have a major impact on the safety of your workplace. This guide will help show you the pros and cons of both types of forklifts and point you in the right direction for your next purchase, lease, or rental decision. Continue reading

3 Benefits of a Forklift Lease That May Change Your Perspective

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forklift lease toyotaThe forklift lease vs. buy decision is one most business will face sooner or later. This forklift is your company’s heavy lifter, whether it’s in the warehouse or out in the yard, so you need a good one–and you need it to be available at all times.

Buying something new is always exciting. A new purchase is the reward at the end of all the careful research you did to make sure you selected the best product on the market and it feels good for a while!

Three years into the life of your forklift ownership that new equipment smell has likely worn off and you are left with a forklift with declining efficiency. Or worse, one that no longer meets the needs of your growing business and your returns are diminishing. That is not what you expected when you made the purchase or is it?

For many companies large and small, leasing your fleet is an excellent option that can offer much better returns than purchasing without a substantial capital investment. I have thought of a few good reasons you might consider leasing your next forklift. Continue reading

Lithium-ion Powered Forklift Trucks: It’s Into the Cold

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Toyota 8HBW23 pallet jack workingDefinition of lithium-ion battery 

: a rechargeable battery that uses lithium ions as the primary component of its electrolyte. – Merriam-Webster

The name of the game in the cold storage material handling industry is to get as many products as possible into as tight of a space as possible while eliminating as many touches as possible. (That second part is generally true for any warehouse). But part of maintaining an effective cold storage operation for food products is also maintaining the efficiency in the material handling equipment we use in those applications. Extending run-time, ensuring effective aisle design for lifts, and maintaining fewer entries and exits all need to be taken into account when managing cold storage material handling.

The Lithium-ion Forklift Innovation

One innovation is carrying cutting-edge operations to new heights in cold storage – lithium-ion forklift batteries. These batteries are being used by early-adopters to replace lead-acid batteries when working in fridges and freezers. They are helping to overcome serious material handling challenges. For starters, some lithium-ion battery providers, such as Navitas Systems, claim that a lithium-ion can run 40 percent longer in freezers and fridges than standard lead-acid batteries. Longer run times mean more efficient routes and fewer times opening freezer doors that let in heat that might damage products.

Lithium-ion forklift batteries are also nearly maintenance free. While lead-acid batteries require water maintenance, a lithium-ion battery can run virtually untouched except for charging needs. This is a huge boon for ROI and efficiency.

The adoption of new technology has led many companies to maintain competitive advantages. That means that if you’re not moving forward with new technological developments, you’re actually moving backward, falling behind with each step your competitor takes forward. It might be worth checking out lithium-ion batteries before you get left out in the cold.

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Navigating Today’s Forklift Market

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purchasing or buy toyota forkliftIf you’re in the forklift market for the first-time, have returned to the market after a long absence, or just need to go back to the basics, understanding where to start in buying a new forklift can seem like a complex process. And it can be. That’s why getting organized in your pursuit of buying the best forklift is a great place to start and Toyota can help to make sure you get the best ROI on your investment. Use this guide, which will help you know what to expect, offer a few tips to help you succeed, and few pitfalls to avoid. Continue reading

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Is Leasing a Forklift the Best Choice for You?: The User’s Guide

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There are a lot of questions surrounding the question when is leasing a forklift the right choice? Toyota Material Handling has a e-book for download you should consider. Click this link for access to that paper.

Acquiring a forklift or a fleet of forklifts can have a major positive ROI for companies that carefully do their homework and get the best possible equipment for their operation. But choosing the right forklift is only one part of maximizing ROI for your capital equipment. You also need to consider what method of procurement to pursue: Should you rent, lease, or buy?

The answer to that questions will be dictated by your unique needs and operation. But for many companies, leasing provides too many advantages to ignore. What are those advantages? And what can you expect during the lifetime of your lease? Toyota can help answer these questions and more. Continue reading

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