3 Forklift Areas of Support From Your Own Toyota Dealer

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toyota forklift dealership brooklyn park mnToyota Material Handling has one of the largest dealer networks of any material handling supplier, with 66 dealerships in over 230 locations. Chances are, there is a Toyota Dealer near you, and they are a great asset to any company with forklift equipment. In fact, it’s part of the Toyota 360 Support promise that we offer customers full support during the buying and ownership process. There are many different things that Toyota dealers can help your company with. Here are just a few services that are offered across the Toyota Dealer Network. Continue reading

Every Forklift Fleet Management System Should Focus on These Four Things

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warehouse forklift fleet management infographicIn materials handling, telematics is the underlying technology that facilitates forklift fleet management systems. Although, it’s important to note that it doesn’t matter whether your forklift fleet consists of one truck or fifty, management systems can be incredibly useful and valuable.

If you’ve heard an anecdote beginning with, “Well, so-and-so said. . .” you are likely not alone. Part of our human nature means relying on our gut instincts and, while trusting your gut is something to be proud of, doing so isn’t always appropriate. Ensuring operational efficiency and the long-term value and ROI of capital equipment such as forklifts means having a good handle on how that equipment is being used within your operation. You may have a strong hunch about how equipment is being operated, but backing up that intuition with solid data is always the way to go! A vehicle management system (VMS) is a way to make sure you’re getting the right data to help you take firm, decisive action.

Trust me, I know how overwhelming data management can seem. And the data you’ll receive from a VMS like Toyota’s T-Matics Command or T-Matics Mobile can be overwhelming – unless you establish a few clear goals right from the beginning. Continue reading

Toyota Forklift, What Can Their 360 Promise Bring to You and Your Business?

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toyota forklift 360 support trio forkliftToyota forklift trucks have improved the efficiency and productivity of tens of thousands of businesses across North America since 1967… And have been recognized as the world’s best-selling forklifts since 2002. But our popularity wasn’t won with a beauty contest. We became the best by building the best, ranking #1 globally in:
  • Safety
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Uptime
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Customer Satisfaction
We put more into our forklifts so you get more out of them. More advancements. More performance. And more hours doing the work you want them to. Dollar for dollar, feature for feature, no one gives you as much for your money as Toyota
The material-handling industry is constantly changing. How will you stay ahead of the curve? With Toyota 360 Support. We’ll connect your company with Toyota Advanced Logistics. You’ll gain proprietary insights and exclusive access to our most advanced technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, including picking systems and automatic guided vehicles.

We want to make sure your Toyota forklift keeps running like….well, a Toyota. That’s why we created Toyota 360, the most comprehensive support promise in the industry. It’s designed to save you money on forklift service, save you downtime, and save you headaches. Toyota 360 provides full-circle support for your forklift fleet.

Toyota 360 Support is Toyota’s promise to be your full support forklift supplier from the moment we first begin a conversation and throughout the entire life of your ownership. With Toyota 360 Support, you’ll get the Toyota advantage of Toyota’s Certified Technicians, Toyota Genuine Parts, Toyota standard and Extra Care Warranty programs, Optional T-Matics Support, and the Toyota Mobile Service app. Join the Toyota family and see success come full circle! Continue reading

Running Hot in Material Handling: No One Has Time for That

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blow out radiatorRunning a material handling business is a tall task – not only do you have to monitor your product, your sales, and your employees, you also have to ensure your forklift fleet is operating at its best capacity. Malfunctioning and overheating forklifts can skyrocket your operating costs and require expensive repairs. So what do you do if you’ve followed all maintenance suggestions and they are still overheating? Here are three areas that may be the cause of your forklift running hot:

Continue reading

11 Things about That Forklift Battery Your Boss Wants You to Know

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Industrial forklift battery maintenance is often an ignored responsibility, or it’s approached with little regard or understanding of how important the battery is. The cost of these industrial batteries is no small matter. It makes perfect sense that anyone involved in the daily use of the batteries know how to protect the investment through proper care.

The proper maintenance and handling of forklift batteries is imperative to their longevity. There’s a right way and a wrong way to maintain and handle forklift batteries and doing it properly will ensure your investment is maximized. Continue reading

Forklift Fleets, 7 Really Simple Things You Can Do To Optimize It

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toyota forklift fleetToday’s demands tell us that forklift fleet management systems have to do more with less. Job reductions make the headlines, but thinner budgets, productivity pressure and an increased demand for action create just as much havoc as downsizing middle managers and supervisors.

In today’s economic environment, it is more critical than ever to shine a spotlight on your highest cost centers and evaluate readily achievable savings opportunities without sacrificing quality or productivity. Every day your business is paying significant amounts of money to own and operate your forklift fleet. The cost for each truck can be over $250,000 per year – inclusive of operator salaries, benefits, overtime, truck leases, maintenance, damage, and battery/fuel expense. For a 50 vehicle fleet, that multiplies to over $12.5 million per year! Continue reading

Forklifts Have Become Safer, But The Work Isn’t Finished

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toyota forklift service technician with meterForklifts have become safer and more productive due to the technological improvements built into the power train of the vehicle. Planned or preventive lift truck maintenance therefore has become even more critical. Whether you are concerned with Toyota forklift safety, or another brand, your bottom line can benefit from a lift truck planned maintenance program through TLM. You can view a presentation of the plan through this link.

Your forklifts should always be kept in safe working condition. It takes commitment, but doing so keeps operators and employees safe and keeps your forklift working better, longer.

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Lift Truck Maintenance: Changing Currents and Approach

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toyota standup ac power forklift truckBeginning about 10 years or so ago, lift truck manufacturers started replacing DC motors and controllers with AC motors in electric lift trucks. The benefits of brushless motors and regenerative braking reduced maintenance costs by as much as $350 in parts alone each year and cut 45 minutes from the previous two-hour length of a planned maintenance (PM) event. An added benefit is the ability of AC motors to provide more access to data about the equipment’s condition, a capability that has become increasingly important as fleet maintenance solutions become more detail-oriented. Continue reading

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A New Focus on Forklift Truck Maintenance

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forklift fleet management charts and deskAs a discipline, forklift truck maintenance has developed at an impressive rate in recent years. Telematics and data collection technologies, enhanced equipment reliability, and an economic recession aided this swift transition and brought the industry’s chronic waste into sharp focus. Skimping on repairs and rotation is a great way to increase costs, not curb them.

Of course, plenty of fleets are still treated as mere costs of doing business. In those cases, the emphasis on execution rather than excellence results in organizations pouring virtually unlimited funds into equipment. Continue reading

Forklift Vehicle Management System: 5 Reasons You Can’t Afford To Overlook This

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toyota forklift vehicle management system t-matics logoYour Forklift fleet and other powered industrial trucks are the workhorses of material handling operations and managing them effectively has its challenges. Forklift accidents are the second leading cause of fatalities in the private sector (highway vehicles being the first) according to OSHA.† Also, operator labor represents the largest single cost component of material handling operations and a fleet of industrial vehicles is very expensive to acquire and maintain. A forklift vehicle management system can help control these and other safety, productivity and damage issues that are so common in fleets.

The fundamental starting place is vehicle access control, or restricting who can operate your trucks. Since it’s impossible for your industrial vehicle operators to keep dozens of keys in their pockets, inevitably keys are always left in trucks’ ignitions. That means anyone can operate the trucks at any time with little, if any, accountability.

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