forklift technicianToyota certified forklift technicians have been trained specifically to work on your Toyota Forklift. They know exactly how to care for your forklift to extend the life of your equipment.

Your downtime will decrease: Since Toyota certified forklift technicians have been trained especially to work on your forklift, they’ll be able to diagnose any issues quickly and get them fixed. Downtime is expensive, so the less of it you have, the better off you are.

You’re not seeing a jack of all trades: Specifically trained to work on your forklift, not an auto mechanic making some extra money!

Warranty: If you took your forklift to a Toyota certified forklift technician and then a part went bad, Toyota will pay for both the part and labor under the warranty. If a Certified Technician didn’t install it initially, the labor will not be paid for.

Passion: Becoming a Toyota certified forklift technician isn’t easy, so if your technician has taken the time to get certified, you can be sure he really cares about doing things right and maximizing your investment. Having someone who really cares work on your forklift is worth a lot.

Backed by Toyota: When you use a Toyota certified forklift technician, you’re paying for the same great quality you paid for when you purchased your forklift in the first place. Plus, since we’ve certified them, you have extra warranty protection!

What this video of Toyota’s first forklift technician challenge.

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