Toyota redefined the meaning of fleet management with its TOYOTA FLEET program. We are dedicated to becoming a world-class fleet service provider by building partnerships, strengthening relationships, improving services, listening to customer needs, employing value-added services, demonstrating dependable and sustainable cost savings, and working hard for our customers every single day. Our ultimate goal is to maintain our customers for life.

Ask a Toyota representative how we can help you get the best performance out of your forklift fleet, or contact your local Toyota forklift dealer for more information.

Toyota Forklifts Fleet Management FAQ

Why do I need a fleet management program?
Adding a fleet management program to your forklift fleet and industrial equipment will give you valuable information to improve productivity and safety while lowering your overall operating costs.

What is Toyota’s fleet management solution?
TOYOTA FLEET is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to fleet management, designed to create long-term partnerships and to deliver better bottom-line performance for our customers.

How does it work?
With a robust, SAP-driven Fleet Metrics System, we are able to truly measure what we manage. We go beyond simply reporting to actually analyzing your fleet and making the right recommendations to deliver a lean fleet, year after year. This lean-thinking approach ensures that you receive optimal fleet performance at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

How does this help my company’s bottom line?

Our lean-thinking approach ensures you receive optimal fleet performance at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our goal is to take you out of the business of managing your fleet, so you can concentrate on what matters most: managing your core business.

Why should I choose Toyota as my fleet management provider?

TOYOTA FLEET is the only fleet management solution you need and the only one brought to you by a company famous for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. You won’t find a business partner more committed to your long-term success, or one more dedicated to providing the value and dependability you’ve come to expect from Toyota.
How do I get more information?

For more information on TOYOTA FLEET and how it can improve your company’s bottom line, contact the Fleet Management Department of Toyota Material Handling U.S.A., Inc. at 800-226-0009 or visit your local Toyota forklift dealer.

Toyota T-Metrics® Fleet Management Solution

T-Metrics® offers solutions to maximize your investment. Make the most of your fleet management system with the following features:

  • Asset, maintenance, and spend management
  • Verified pricing levels for PMs, parts, service, and rentals
  • Quantifiable cost reductions and performance improvements
  • Recommendations by forklift industry professionals
  • Fleet analysis to reduce waste
  • Simplified administration through consolidated billing services and asset tracking
  • Fully integrated SAP Business Solution
  • Consolidated Invoice Billing Summary
  • Customer Web-based Reporting Tools
    • Dashboards
    • Equipment Inventory / Lease-end Dates by Location
    • Equipment Repair History
    • Top Expenses by Customer Location
    • Parts Purchase Detail
    • Rental by Customer Location
    • Maintenance Overtime Projection
    • Cost per Hour / Utilization

7 Tips for Optimizing Your Fleet with Toyota Forklifts Fleet Management

It’s all about productivity when it comes to your forklifts and industrial equipment. Below are seven tips to help you increase your productivity and your ROI:

  1. Get on a maintenance plan. Toyota forklift dealers typically offer Planned Maintenance (PM) or Full Maintenance (FM) plans. A proper maintenance plan can dramatically reduce downtime on your forklift fleet and help plan expenses.
  2. Have your dealer perform a service inspection.  Service inspections can help diagnose problems early and can help point you towards the maintenance plan that is best for you. An initial service inspection is also a great way to figure out your maintenance schedule.
  3. Perform a daily forklift inspection. If something fails the inspection, shut down the forklift until your in-house technician addresses the problem or contact your Toyota dealer or Toyota Certified Technician.
  4. Make sure your operator is in a comfortable position. A comfortable operator is a more productive operator. Strong ergonomic features can also help lessen potential worker’s comp issues.
  5. Improve your warehouse layout. Try to reduce travel time within the warehouse by rearranging aisles within your space.  Contact your Toyota dealer for help with warehouse space planning.
  6. Consider an attachment. Sometimes all you need is a specialized attachment to dramatically increase productivity.  Toyota offers forklift attachments via Toyota Genuine Parts and the STARLIFT one-stop-shop parts program.
  7.  Train your operators. Operators who know how to use the equipment properly are faster and make fewer mistakes than untrained operators.

Reduce Your Forklift Fleet Costs Using T-Matics

Toyota T-Matics is designed to provide enhanced visibility of your fleet’s performance, increase efficiency, and save you money. Find out how you can reduce labor costs, fleet size, maintenance costs, damages, and lost productivity with this comprehensive guide!

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