toyota forklift part oil filterAftermarket forklift parts are often defined as any part not sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Non-OEM aftermarket forklift part programs are everywhere, offered by almost all OEM dealerships and through those dealerships by every independent company involved in equipment repair. On the surface, one forklift part looks pretty much like any other forklift part. That perception costs companies dearly in increased maintenance and forklift downtime. Toyota forklifts are built with Toyota original parts of course. To keep your forklift operating properly, any replacement parts should also be Toyota original parts and should be obtained from an authorized Toyota forklift dealer.

Do you know what downtown costs your business? Some large businesses value downtime as high as $3,000 per minute on a smaller scale downtime can typically cost $15 per minute which is still $900 an hour and over $21,000 in 24 hours when your forklifts are down your company is down and losing money quick Toyota’s flexible maintenance plans coupled with Toyota genuine parts and the star lift parts program all work together as a one-stop shop to keep your business up and running.

Only Toyota Genuine Parts Keep Your Toyota Running like a Toyota

When forklifts in your fleet need new parts, you face a decision. Do you continue with Toyota Genuine Parts or do you save a little with a non-OEM part? The cost difference is negligible, but the long-term benefits of sticking with Toyota Genuine Parts pay dividends month after hardworking month.

Our Two-Year Parts Warranty Isn’t Crazy. It’s Confidence

When Toyota Genuine Parts are installed by Toyota 360 technicians, they’re covered by an industry-leading two-year warranty. That’s twice as long as our competitors. And those parts pale in comparison to Toyota-caliber quality, reliability, and long-term value.

You Don’t Have to Compare Toyota Genuine Parts to Non-OEM Parts. We Already Did

The superiority of Toyota Genuine Parts is backed by comprehensive testing that simulates on-the-job conditions. The results of these tests are illustrated on each product page. If you’re still skeptical, or if you enjoy reading about parts testing, we’ve provided the test dates and conditions in the Appendix of this brochure illustrated here.

toyota genuine forklift parts

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Spoiler Alert! It Doesn’t End Well for the Non-OEM Parts

In test after test, Toyota Genuine Parts outperformed and outlasted every competitor we threw at them. So, when you have a downed forklift and you’re deciding which part will make the best replacement, make the choice that saves you money, saves you downtime, and saves you headaches.


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