forklift safety infographic

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Recently Toyota Material Handling published an infographic that quickly gets to the reader information surrounding forklifts and forklift safety. Information like this is important of course and should be shared with anyone operating a forklift or anyone with responsibilities surrounding forklift use.

While an army of forklift operators understand and adhere to safe practices, there is a large number of operators still out there seemingly unsupervised in too many cases, who will continue to populate the injury and death statistics involving material handling. The effort to publicize safety information and even the consequences of unsafe operation will never cease will it?

Forklift Safety Infographic

Remember this? “Sign, sign everywhere a sign Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign?” Back then the song protested the dissemination information, not really so much for blocking out scenery as much as for the messages the signs carried. OK, it is a stretch but the song plays through my mind daily as I wade through the information I feel responsible to “see” or in some way absorb. I know I’m not alone in being overwhelmed and there are times infographics like this actually cut through the clutter. Short, sweet and in most cases eye catching with illustrations, the message is delivered quickly.

We here at Toyota Lift of Minnesota and the great folks at Toyota Material Handling hope that you’ll take a moment to read, then download and share the new forklift safety infographic. It prints on a single sheet of standard paper and would be perfect in your forklift parking area or break room. Best practices, forklift training what is important to forklift buyers is all covered. You can view and download the PDF file through this link.

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