toyota forklift technicians certificate

Forklift technicians service and monitor forklifts and other heavy industrial vehicles. Some of their job duties include maintaining tools, communicating with salespeople, managing inventory and using computer-based diagnostics on equipment. But at their core, they embody the level of customer service that’s available to the dealership’s customer base.

Toyota Lift of Minnesota (TLM) has again had multiple technicians gain Toyota Material Handling’s highest certification level, their Platinum Master Technician Certification. This year six TLM forklift technicians attained the platinum level out of a total of 36 that reached that certification level nationwide. 119 technicians tested for the certification nationally. TLM is very proud of the documented abilities in their technician pool supporting the TLM Minnesota and western Wisconsin customer base.

toyota platinum forklift technicians challenge“Customers know when purchasing our product they receive Toyota’s unquestionable leading quality, and engineering excellence. They also expect the best service support to maintain the Toyota product,” said John Scheunemann president of TLM. “Our technical staff year over year has seen multiple technicians attain Platinum Master Technician Certification. It is not the first time we have had the most technicians in the country receive the certification”.

Customers are owed service of their equipment by personnel specifically trained on their valuable assets. Techs without factory designed training usually increase downtime and in many cases result in higher maintenance expenses. True master forklift technicians know what issues to look for and where those issues are going to be. Lengthy repairs equal lengthy and expensive delays. Experienced and technically capable technicians diagnose and fix problems faster, and get equipment back into service quicker. We are proud to support our association with Toyota Material Handling by continually stressing the value of training and product knowledge with our staff in all positions.

Annually Toyota hosts the top Toyota technician challenge. We were proud that our own Max Welter was in this select group! Few technicians stand up to Toyota’s quality requirements, imagine the skills these top Toyota techs have.


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