forklift hour meterOn an electric lift truck there are often three hour meter readings available on most makes, most common are:

  1. Hydraulic, measuring the time the units hydraulics have been in use
  2. Drive, measuring the time the unit is in motion forward or reverse
  3. Key on, clocking the time the ignition key is in the “on” position


forklift paperworkTo help capture this information and prevent confusion our work order has the three fields the technician will fill out.

Additionally our Dysel business operating system has the three fields which must be updated, and finally on your document the “combined” [hydraulic + drive time] reading is displayed.

forklift work orderWhile the “key on” reading might be used by some manufacturers to define warranty hours, we’ve seen a number of examples where a forklift’s hours have been misrepresented by over thirty percent by this reading. This is the result of the forklift drivers not turning the key off when they are not using the unit. Word to the wise, remind your drivers to turn the unit off when it’s not being used. At TLM we do set the auto off at two minutes when prepping the unit for delivery, by default this time is usually fifteen minutes. Remember the warranty implication.

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