pneumatic non-marking tireThe success of retail storefronts is often dependent upon its visual appeal to customers. That’s why so many companies invest heavily in the design of displays, signs, and other visually enticing storefront needs. Maintaining that visual appeal is vital to business success.

Retailers who use forklifts to maintain storefront inventory and stock shelves are faced with the added element of a forklift’s impact on storefront appearance. Forklifts can leave unappealing marks on the floor that interrupt customers’ buying experiences. That’s why non-marking forklift tires are common features on forklifts used in retail spaces.

What are Non-Marking Forklift Tires?

Non-marking forklift tires are tires that replace the soot normally found in tires with silica in order to eliminate floor marking. These are generally used in retail storefronts to avoid unsightly black marks. Anti-oxidants are infused during the manufacturing process to produce UV protection similar to that of normal forklift tires.

What is the Cost of Non-Marking Forklift Tires?

While prices can vary, you can expect to pay a value-added price that is higher than that of standard forklift tires. Weighing the added cost against the potential value of cleaner floors and lessened cleaning expenses is up to you as a retailer.

How easy are Non-Marking Forklift Tires to Maintain?

Increased replacement cycles will accompany the use of non-marking forklift tires because of the need to remove the soot. The black soot is used in the manufacturing process to increase tire durability. The good news? They perform exactly the same as standard forklift tires.
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But Wait! There Are Concerns and Some Are Hair Raising

Tire manufacturer Camso educates the general public on static electricity hazards linked to non-marking forklift tires with new humorous video. The video features the Solideal PON 775 NMAS, a superhero tire which resolves some issues occurring in the material handling world.


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