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Aftermarket parts are often defined as any part not sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Aftermarket forklift part programs are everywhere, offered by almost all OEM dealerships and through those dealerships by every independent company involved in equipment repair. Generally, aftermarket parts are attractive because they are often lower in cost for a variety of reasons than the OEM part.Through Toyota’s STARLIFT part program, and with an understanding of when an aftermarket part is right, we approach replacement parts and repairs for your fleet with a unique sense of common sense and responsibility. We use a true blend of aftermarket and OEM parts through our “Fleet” program. If a part must be purchased locally, the customer is assured that a responsible sale or repair is done with a fair and reasonable approach to cost and pricing for that part. Not all parts are created equal, and knowing when to opt for quality over price ensures every repair or sale is done responsibly. Remember the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish”?

The Toyota STARLIFT program allows you access to high quality parts for all makes of forklifts, as well as for equipment Star Lift Parts Supportsuch as sweepers, scrubbers, personnel carriers and more.

If you’re looking for a parts alternative, we can certainly offer you options, including your own online access to STARLIFT’s massive database of parts and cross reference information.

In the field, Toyota Lift of Minnesota has the factory trained and ASE certified technicians, all are equipped with the tools required in the shop and field and backed by a dealership with over thirty four years of experience working through the material handling needs of thousands of customers large and small.

Toyota Lift of Minnesota, large enough to get any job done, small enough to listen to the needs of all. Contact your representative today. We’re anxious to talk to you about the options available to you.

Forklifts, Personnel and Burden Carriers, Construction Equipment and Rough Terrain Forklifts


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