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Rent Warehouse Personnel Vehicles

Can you or your staff afford to complete errands with walking alone? Think about it a moment. How many minutes per day are spent doing this, and what is the cost? A warehouse utility vehicle from our Minneapolis team may be just what you need.

With a burden carrier from Toyota Lift of Minnesota, you can expect:

  • A large selection of electric personnel carriers that get the job done
  • Durable equipment that stands up to daily use
  • Safety features standard for every product
  • Continued support to help you get the most out of your purchase
  • Superior ergonomics
  • Speed and versatility for a wide range of work

The Taylor-Dunn Stockchaser is a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency in any warehousing application. This unique narrow aisle, highly maneuverable warehouse utility vehicle provides an ergonomic advantage to the operator by bringing them closer to the material to be picked.

Based on a two mile per hour walking speed, versus a six mile per hour traveling speed of a Taylor-Dunn Stock Chaser cart, and factoring in the employee cost of $24.00 per hour, here are some numbers that might catch you off guard.

Rent Personnel & Burden Carrier

Burden Carrier Specs

Rent Personnel or Burden Carriers

Whether you’re thinking about a personal or burden carrier, Toyota Lift of Minnesota has your selection. Rent it to get over a busy period, or perhaps to simply improve efficiencies.

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