Aichi Scissor & Boom Lift Rentals in Minnesota

Safe, nimble and durable — just a few of the words that best describe Aichi’s selection of capable E-Series scissor lift equipment. When your business needs a machine that handles every lifting application you throw at it quickly and reliably, an Aichi electric scissor lift rental in Minneapolis is an ideal choice. These scissor lifts feature excellent build quality and proven performance, ensuring years of enhanced productivity, no matter your industry. See what makes Aichi scissor lifts stand out.


It goes without saying that scissor lifts need to be flexible, but Aichi takes it a step further. E-Series scissor lifts are available in five different models, and their working heights range from 25 feet up to 38 feet. What’s more, workers on an E-Series platform can utilize a roll-out platform extension deck, which adds a minimum of 35.4 inches to the usable working space.

Working in tight spaces? That’s not a problem with the E-series. The smallest model can fit an 80”x32” standard-sized doorway. If your business needs a larger model, you can still squeeze into small interior work areas easily. These aerial lift rentals feature fold-down guardrails along with detachable control boxes and cables — examples of the thoughtful design considerations Aichi is known for.

Better Build

When you rent a scissor lift, you need to know that it will serve your company well into the future. Equipment longevity begins with a meticulously-engineered motor. With the E-Series, you get a 24V AC drive motor that features a brushless design. Your business can expect less maintenance, longer battery life and greater driving power with this motor. Like everything else on E-Series scissor lifts, fine-tuning for real-world situations has shaped Aichi’s motor design.

Constructing a scissor lift that stands the test of time requires detail-oriented construction, and Aichi understands this fact. Heavy gauge steel panels and powder-coated paint come together to create a scissor lift that handles lifting challenges for the long haul. You will find that an excellent build quality translates into easy operations for a wide range of tasks. The E-series has zero degree inside turning radius, allowing for intuitive movement and operations.

Safety Is Standard in our Vertical Lift Rentals

The only thing worse than a scissor lift that doesn’t get the job done is one that leads to a worksite accident. Thankfully, just like Toyota Lift of Minnesota, Aichi takes safety seriously and incorporates several key features that reduce safety risks and protect your employees. Just one accident can mean steep fines and a hit to productivity. Avoid unpredictable slowdowns with the fail-safes and design considerations that Aichi has included in the E-Series.

One of the most impressive safety features on E-Series scissor lifts is the anti-rollback function. When the scissor lift encounters a steep grade, the lift will apply an emergency brake to prevent the machine from rolling. When you’re working near ramps or uneven surfaces, this addition can prevent a catastrophe. The E-Series also offers a tilt alarm, which operators of workers of unsafe working conditions. Aichi helps you create a safer working environment.


If you use an electric forklift, you want to get the most productivity out of your equipment between charges. Aichi makes efficiency a priority for every scissor lift it builds — not only will this save electricity, but it will also save your team time when it’s time to get work done. Unlike alternative scissor lifts that feature DC drive motors, Aichi’s electric motors are designed for longevity. Simplify maintenance by reducing the number of moving parts in your scissor lift motor, and get equipment that will maximize your team’s productivity.


While many businesses focus on the travel or lift/lower speed of a scissor lift — and for good reason — there are other factors that can impact the effectiveness of your equipment. When a scissor lift operator can effortlessly control their lift without hassle, it has a positive impact on productivity. Aichi lifts are designed to function intuitively, giving the operator more control for nearly any type of task. When you can rely on features like a zero-degree turning radius and a smooth ride, it’s easy to gain confidence in your ability to control these scissor lifts.

Find Yours

Looking to purchase an Aichi E-Series scissor lift or rent a boom lift? You won’t be disappointed in the performance and reliability of these lifts. See our new and used scissor lifts that will help your business reach new heights.

Want to learn more about the E-Series? View Aichi’s useful brochure to see models, custom options and the capabilities that come with these scissor lifts.

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