csr in warehouseMaybe you don’t think of it as directly related to customer service but having the people in place to lend support our unit sales staff and technicians is critical stuff in the world of customer service. No, this isn’t about the back office support staff, rather we’re talking about the customer service representative that is out in the field every day following up on new and used truck deliveries, hand delivering quotes, introducing our company to business prospects, and even dealing with customer issues.

Salesman Roger KnudsonRecently Toyota Lift of Minnesota was fortunate to find an individual with almost thirty years of forklift experience interested in becoming a service and parts representative for us. Although we were already blessed with a strong staff of three full time customer service representatives and one very talented unit salesman who split his duties in order to do customer service work, we knew we had room and need for another. And Roger Knudson fit that bill.

Making a Territory for the Representative

representative territoriesAdding the fourth full time representative meant a lot of planning and then work as we took steps to introduce him to our company, staff and processes. Then there was the work of reassigning geography to the new rep which required changes to three other existing territories. In that process we had to be certain that established relationships were not disturbed while working to maximize the affect the increased representation would have on current and future customer service levels. With a fourth full time representative many processes will be improved because there will be more time from all representatives to give to their assigned areas.

territory adjustmentsThen after the territory mapping was completed, there was time for reflection and then the inevitable, minor adjustments. Well, it is good work and once it is done it will be done. More tweaks are coming all the while we are already enjoying the additional man hours available for working with customers, prospects and technicians.

Our customer service representatives or CSRs are responsible for a large number of tasks:

  1. CSR are expected to render and perform faithfully such duties and services for Toyota-Lift of Minnesota, Inc., as it may designate and prescribe in the territory and/or for assigned accounts.
  2. To promote and further develop sales for the Service, Parts, and Rental departments
  3. To submit contact reports and such other reports as required by TLM.
  4. Maintain current up to date product knowledge utilizing TLM training and self study.
  5. Follow up with customers after maintenance and repairs to increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  6. Inspect and report on the condition of each unit on full maintenance contract on a monthly basis.
  7. Answer customer questions regarding operation safety issues and maintenance intervals.
  8. Provide operator safety training for customers (after being fully trained).
  9. Responsible for procuring and delivering for promotion, accurate customer estimates (quotations) for work to be performed.
  10. Address any customer feedback about their experiences or questions regarding services received from TLM.
  11. Coordinate their efforts (when possible) with the efforts of the unit salesman in their territory

There is much more, but suffice it to say that the CSR’s times is in demand, and it has a large positive affect on customer service and satisfaction levels. Toyota Lift of Minnesota now has four full time CSRs, we hope you take the time to visit with them and see what type of tools and expertise they can bring to your material handling needs. It always pays to have smart people around you, let us be in that group.

We would enjoy hearing from you. Post your ideas or comments below, let’s start a dialog.

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