Forklift Operator Training

forklift training classTo assist in compliance with federal laws regarding lift truck operation, Toyota Lift of Minnesota and Toyota have developed the safety training program SAFE-Lift. Through implementation of SAFE-Lift in conjunction with existing plant safety programs, and use of the lift truck operator’s manual, it is anticipated that accidents involving lift trucks at the work site can be reduced.

OSHA clearly states in OSHA section 1910.178 (I,1,i) The employer shall ensure that each power industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of the training and evaluation specified in this paragraph.

  • Operators must be trained on the type of trucks they operate on the job
  • Operators must be trained in the environment in which they work
  • Operators shall be evaluated and certified in both functions by a qualified person or persons

Formal Toyota forklift operator training helps to increase operator efficiency and reduce the number of accidents. A study reported by the National Institutes for Occupational Safety indicated that trained operators reduced rates of error by 70% in the workplace.

Safety training classes can be given at Toyota Lift of Minnesota, the prefered location however is your site, with your equipment.

To comply with government regulations, your company’s present lift truck operators must receive safety training. It is required that the operators also pass a written quiz, and be issued operator permits. The permits should be carried with them whenever they operate a lift truck.

The Cost Of Forklift Safety Training

Although OSHA makes forklift operator safety training a mandatory requirement, your company will miss many benefits if it views this training simply as an expense that must be incurred to comply with the law. Safety training does take time and cost money, but even on an accountant’s profit and loss statement it makes sense.

Remember, your company purchased a lift truck because it would save time and increase profits through mechanized material handling. Can you imagine how your business would now get along if you had to give up your forklift trucks? yet a single accident, caused by an ignorant or careless operator, can result in personal tragedy, damaged materials and equipment, and disruption of company operations. So you can see, the time and money spent in safety training should be regarded as a sound business investment to ensure reliable and inexpensive material handling.

On Site Forklift Safety Training Agenda

  • Introduction to safe lift truck operation (includes review of operator, and pedestrian videos.)
  • Familiarization with the lift truck (cost, weight/mass, instruments and controls)
  • Operator maintenance responsibilities (inspections, equipment checks)
  • Starting and driving practice (practical application of skills in your environment)
  • Material handling practice (using loads your drivers are familiar with)
  • Review and test (repeat showing of the videos, give furnished quiz orally and written)
  • Toyota Lift of Minnesota safety training can be your key to fewer accidents, and higher productivity

Toyota Lift of Minnesota Safety Training can be your key to fewer accidents, and higher productivity

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