OSHA Tire – Wheel Rule

1910.177(e) Wheel component acceptability.

1910.177(e)(1) Multi-piece wheel components shall not be interchanged except as provided in the charts or in the applicable rim manual.

1910.177(e)(2) Multi-piece wheel components and single piece wheels shall be inspected prior to assembly. Any wheel or wheel component which is bent out of shape, pitted from corrosion, broken, or cracked shall not be used and shall be marked or tagged unserviceable and removed from the service area. Damaged or leaky valves shall be replaced.

1910.177(e)(3) Rim flanges, rim gutters, rings, bead seating surfaces and the bead areas of tires shall be free of any dirt, surface rust, scale or loose or flaked rubber build-up prior to mounting and inflation.

1910.177(e)(4) The size (bead diameter and tire/wheel widths) and type of both the tire and the wheel shall be checked for compatibility prior to assembly of the rim wheel.

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