Flexi Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

THE Flexi G4 is a conventionally styled forklift that is easy to drive, and that works in about
half the aisle of a conventional forklift. The Flexi is designed to operate in an aisle as narrow as 3’ plus the depth of the pallet. It is capable of picking both sides of the aisle from either direction and can actually leave the aisle to unload trucks at the dock. By significantly decreasing the aisle width, 30-50% when compared to reach trucks and conventional lifts, the user significantly increases his cubic utilization of his existing space. In many applications the trailer to rack capability results in savings due to fleet and personnel reductions. Simply stated, the Flexi let’s you store more, in less space, at a lower cost.

Our FLEXI lift trucks for sale work in very narrow aisles, lifts up to 2000 lbs. to heights of up to 354” and loads like a counterbalance forklift. It is the state of the art in optimizing storage capacity.

Warehouse Space Utilization

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