Once again, Toyota ingenuity and design have come together to create the revolutionary 8-Series 4-Wheel Electric lift truck with the AC (alternating current) drive system. Yet the AC drive motor isn’t the only milestone component driving these products. The exclusive system of active stability™ (SAS) shares the spotlight in the Toyota 8-series 4-Wheel Forklift. These two industry-leading technologies combine to elevate operator productivity and workplace safety to unprecedented levels. Check out some of the features of the 8-Series 4-Wheel Forklift below to learn more about these great trucks.


  • Keep track of important forklift operations like stability to help reduce the risk of tip overs.
  • Get an Active Control Rear Stabilizer that automatically locks the rear axle when the lift becomes unstable.
  • Take advantage of an Active Mast Function Controller that calculates a load’s height and weight to improve stability.


  • Use an AC powered system that provides quick responses to controls and commands.
  • Get impressive acceleration, top speeds and maneuverability to work more efficiently.
  • Lift and lower pallets quickly and with more precision.
  • Use on-demand full hydrostatic power steering to control the lift with less effort in confined areas.
  • Customize performance parameters on the lift’s digital display.
  • Use a momentary hold and controlled descent feature that improves lift truck control.
  • Enhance lift truck security with a keyless entry system that features password protection and a tuning mode.
  • Take advantage of a power keep function that allows the 8-series AC motor to continue running optimally at a low charge level.


  • Get essential operating information with a multifunction display.
  • Make adjustments to performance parameters using the digital display.
  • Set performance parameters for a customized riding experience.
  • Use multifunction hour meters to perform time and motion studies.
  • Change battery discharge settings with a programmable discharge indicator.
  • Get an auto-off system that is seat-activated and programmable.
  • See the lift’s current power mode with an on-board display.
  • Maximize productivity with an auto height select option that stops the forks at set heights.


  • Easily enter and exit the forklift with curvilinear overhead guard legs.
  • Make directional changes using an easy-to-reach electric shift lever.
  • Use a slim profile steer column for enhanced accessibility and simple operations.
  • Get 12-inch dual operator assist grips that suit a wide range of operator sizes.
  • Get improved forward visibility with a low-profile front cowl.
  • Use a foot-activated parking brake that eliminates cowl area clutter.
  • Experience the comfort of ample legroom.
  • Minimize noise, heat and vibrations with a heavy-duty non-slip floor.
  • Use the EZ pedal to change travel direction quickly and safely.
  • Ride with a three-way adjustable armrest for improved rider comfort.
  • Improve posture with a strategically-placed high mount key switch and parking brake release lever.
  • Get cowl-mounted hydraulic levers that improve operator comfort and make forklift entry and exit easier.

Ease of Service

  • The forklift’s AC motor has fewer parts, which equates to easier and less expensive maintenance.
  • Experience on-demand full hydrostatic power steering powered with the AC motor.
  • Access the no-tool floorboard in seconds.
  • Make troubleshooting easier with a fault code memory display.
  • Replace batteries using battery roll and slide out options.
  • Enhance forklift security during shipping with curved front fenders featuring redesigned tie-down hooks.
  • Quickly access information about forklift errors using analyzer mode.
  • Program service intervals on the forklift’s digital display monitor.
  • Access the hydraulic motor through a convenient right-side panel.

Specification Chart

8 series spec chart

toyota 8-series 4 wheel electric brochure
toyota 8-series 4 wheel electric specification manual

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