With the ever-increasing market need for a comfortable, efficient and economical way to pick cases up to 25 feet, Toyota expands its Order Picker line-up with the 7BPU15 Order Picker Truck. Separately Excited (SepEx®) drive motor and transistor control technology combined with an ergonomic design deliver a cost-effective solution for the customer’s Order Picking needs. Learn why our selection of 7BPU15 order pickers for sale provide the ideal lifting and lowering solution for your business.


  • Separately Excited (SePex®) drive motor delivers precise speed and torque control, loaded or unloaded.
  • Transistor Control System with MOSFET delivers smooth speed control for precise positioning of the truck, improving operator efficiency.
  • Lift Motor with Two-Speed Lift and Lower Control gradually ramps power from low to high for fast, efficient, smooth load handling.
  • Multifunction Control Handle provides simultaneous control of both travel and lift/lower functions as well as access to the horn for simplified operation.
  • Electric Power Steering reduces steering effort, enabling quick aisle transfer and precise maneuvering while picking orders.
  • Wide-View Mast with nested mast channels and side-mounted cylinders provide excellent visibility for improved pick rates.


  • UL-E Approved to meet specific environmental conditions.
  • Regenerative Braking improves overall efficiency while extending motor brush and component life.
  • Solid State Limit switches provide improved reliability and increased component life.
  • Mast Tie-Beam has been designed to provide maximum torsional rigidity and stability for improved operator confidence at elevated heights.
  • Electronic Disc Brake provides efficient braking power when the pedal is released.


  • Spacious Operator Compartment with 7 3/4″ low platform height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shift for reduced body fatigue.
  • Bubble-Cushioned Floor Mat is designed to reduce the effects of vibration and standing stresses to limit body fatigue.
  • Low-effort flush-mounted brake pedal allows increased freedom of movement for greater operator comfort on the 7BPU15 order picker.
  • Anti-Rattle Mast Staging with cushioned mast stops provide smooth lifting and lowering for confident load handling.
  • Clipboard and Work Material Storage Areas provide a convenient, easy-to-rich, mobile workstation for added operator convenience.

Ease of Service

  • Power-Up and Run Diagnostics speed up troubleshooting by checking and monitoring critical functions in order to maximize uptime.
  • Power Unit Tractor Cover is easily removed to provide access to major components, reducing service time during inspection and maintenance.
  • Fewer Components lead to simpler troubleshooting, resulting in reduced down-time and operating costs.
  • Electrical and hydraulic components have been logically separated to prevent contamination of electrical parts from hydraulic parts for reduced maintenance costs.
  • Lift-Out Battery Gate and Corrosion Resistant Rollers allow easy battery removal from both sides of the unit for faster replacement and service.

Specification Chart
toyota 7bpue15 spec chart

toyota 7bpue15 brochure
toyota 7bpue15 specification manual

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