Featuring AC drive system technology, Toyota offers a wide range of 24 Volt electric pallet trucks, including electric pallet trucks at 6000 lbs, to meet your productivity needs. Industry-leading levels of performance and reliability can be found in all of our walkie pallet, end-control walkie/rider, center control rider and tow tractor units. Attention to operator efficiencies and ease of service put overall equipment value to work for you.


  • Protect against electrical, hydraulic or mechanical breakdowns with a strong one-piece service cover.
  • Make use of Controller Area Network communication technology and reduce the number of electrical components in your pallet jack.
  • Make impacts less of a risk with welded construction and steel gussets.
  • Stop paint flaking and chipping before it happens with a powder coat paint finish.
  • Get a pallet jack with durable box rail for construction that enhances torsional rigidity.
  • Improve the lifespan of your equipment with steel bulkhead wrappers.
  • See the difference that heavy-duty bushings and pins make for pallet jack components.
  • Get strength and rigidity at the piston shaft connection point with a four-point lift linkage system.
  • Keep internal system components in-tact with protection from a durable polymer service cover.
  • Make use of solid steel pull rods for added strength in demanding applications.
  • Eliminate the need for mechanical adjustments by utilizing Hall effect switches.
  • Prevent malfunctions with current limiting circuitry and thermal protection.
  • Cover crucial electronic components with a strong durable aluminum cover.


  • Get nearly instantaneous equipment response by using a precisely-engineered AC drive system.
  • Do more in less time with an AC drive motor that offers impressive acceleration and top travel speeds. Slow down with efficient regenerative braking.
  • Multitask easily by using a multifunction control handle.
  • Program your own performance parameters for customized monitoring.
  • Get a lift limit switch that stops equipment strain before it occurs.
  • Take preventative measures against accidents with a hydraulic overload protection valve.
  • Reduce component wear by taking advantage of a pallet truck with dual lift cylinders.


  • Get a multifunction control handle with easy-to-reach dual thumb wheels, grips that twist and intuitive button placement.
  • Enter and exit your pallet forklift effortlessly with a low platform step height.
  • Enjoy a smoother ride on top of rubber drive tires and polyurethane load wheels.


  • Cut down on planned maintenance with proven AC drive motors.
  • Speed up inspections with easier-to-access major components.
  • Service your control handle quickly with a simple four-screw assembly.
  • Get on-board self-diagnostics that eliminate the need to find an additional analyzer.
  • Zero directional contactors streamline inspection processes.
  • Replace drive tires with just five bolts, maximizing equipment uptime.

Specification Chart

toyota pallet jack 6000lbs spec sheet

toyota pallet jack 6000lbs brochure
toyota pallet jack 6000lbs specification manual<

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