Featuring AC drive system technology, Toyota offers a wide range of 24 Volt electric pallet trucks, including tow tractor forklifts for sale, to meet your productivity needs. Industry-leading levels of performance and reliability can be found in all of our walkie pallet, end-control walkie/rider, center control rider and tow tractor units. Attention to operator efficiencies and ease of service put overall equipment value to work for you.


  • Prevent damage to electrical, hydraulic and mechanical components with single-piece, high-strength service cover.
  • Add predictability to truck functionality with controller area network communications.
  • Protect your equipment from dangerous impacts with welded construction and steel gussets.
  • Reduce the risk of flaking or chipping with a powder coat paint finish.
  • Keep vital system components intact with steel bulkhead wrappers.
  • Utilize heavy duty bushings and pins for an increase in component life.
  • Get a polymer service cover that will not bend, dent, fade or rust for exceptional durability and long-lasting aesthetic appeal.
  • Take advantage of solid steel pull rods for improved fork strength.
  • Reduce the need for mechanical adjustments with Hall-effect switches.
  • Protect circuits from thermal damage with smartly-designed electronic components.
  • Get a strong aluminum cover that keeps your control handle secure.


  • Experience faster response times by harnessing the power of a proven AC drive system.
  • Work more efficiently with an AC drive motor that uses less power for acceleration.
  • Utilize regenerative braking to extend the life of your equipment.
  • Set your own performance parameters and monitor them on a convenient digital display.
  • Simplify cornering by using polyurethane torsion block casters, designed to maximize stability.


  • Get ergonomically-positioned dual thumb wheels with twist grips and convenient button placement. Lift and lower using either hand.
  • Experience wider freedom of movement with a high-speed interlock solution.
  • Get in and out of your equipment quickly with a low-platform step height.
  • Make use of polyurethane torsion block casters that provide shock absorption.
  • Improve rider comfort with a tow tractor forklift featuring rubber drive tires and polyurethane load wheels.


  • Eliminate the need for springs, brushes, a commutator or wearable parts
  • Expedite inspections with a one-piece lightweight service access cover
  • Get a control handle that is steel reinforced and impact resistant.
  • Diagnose equipment issues quickly with an on-board self-diagnostics.
  • Reduce routine maintenance and inspection time with an advanced AC drive system.
  • Maximize uptime and productivity with a simplified drive tire replacement process.

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