Kalmar Forklift: Moving Cargo

When you need to lift heavy items or inventory, efficiency is crucial. Kalmar forklifts are designed to improve the way you work with vehicles that stand up to it all. Get heavy-duty lifting power from forklifts that are designed to be reliable and versatile. You don’t need to sacrifice precision with a Kalmar Forklift, as the controls on this equipment make it easy to quickly maneuver around facilities and outdoor worksites.

Kalmar incorporates comfort into its forklifts, so they are a great choice if ergonomics matter to you. Low levels of vibration and noise provide benefits that are difficult to measure but truly make a difference on a day-to-day basis. When you need to boost your productivity while maintaining a safe workplace environment, Kalmar forklifts are an ideal solution.

Keeping cargo moving forward is obviously of critical importance. Meanwhile, the performance of your truck-and-driver teams has the most significant impact on cargo handling operations – both day-to-day and over time. That’s because truck-and-driver teams directly influence your ability to keep promises, generate future revenue as well as increase lifetime savings.

Introducing Kalmar DCG90-180 Forkliftkalmar forklift

Like all Cargotec solutions, new Kalmar DCG90-180 lift trucks offer greater total lifetime savings by improving the performance of your truck-and-driver teams. DCG90-180 is a range of new Kalmar trucks with a lifting capacity of 9-18 tons. Each in the range is designed, built and delivered to keep truck uptime and driver productivity levels high – and keep running, maintenance and lifetime costs low.

Designed to deliver greater total lifetime savings it’s simple: great truck-and-driver teams save your company time and money every working day – and over the lifetime of your business. The new Kalmar forklift for sale is designed, built and delivered to offer greater total lifetime savings – capitalizing on insights from Cargotec’s proven track record of supporting more than 10,000 users of trucks with a lifting capacity of 9-18 tons. The DCG90-180 offers superior truck uptime as well as fuel and maintenance savings. As important, it incorporates the best driving environment in any lift truck – our new ego cabin – loaded with features that inspire driver productivity, efficiency and safety.

Test Drive And Start Savingkalmar sales brochure

Download and read the brochure to the right for more details. Or better still; get your drivers to test drive the Kalmar DCG90-180. Enter your zip code into our sale rep finder to the right, or call Toyota Lift of Minnesota and we will work with you immediately.

Virtual Showroomkalmar forklift virtual showroom

For some fast looks at critical areas of the DCG90-180 you can review Kalmar’s virtual showroom flash review. Click the image and a new page will open, from there click on any of the highlights to review each critical area of the forklift.

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