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Forklift battery repairs happen, but it is our goal to keep that to a minimum. Your investment in electric lift trucks and industrial batteries needs to be protected in order to maximize the benefits that they have to offer. Don’t allow your forklift batteries or forklift battery chargers to drag down the rewards that properly maintained equipment.

“Battery maintenance is often neglected. Don’t discount the benefits available by ignoring your investment.”

Toyota-Lift of Minnesota is committed to being your “total source” material handling provider by having technicians trained in Toyota forklift battery maintenance and charger maintenance, testing, and repair. Rely on TLM for your complete material handling needs. We put action behind our words when we say we are a full service lift truck dealership.

Our commitment of resources and personnel to forklift battery and charger maintenance sets us apart from other lift truck dealerships. It’s our commitment that gives you total control through a single vendor when dealing with your unique material handling needs.

Look over our forklift battery maintenance program checklist:

Forklift Battery Maintenance Checklist

  • Voltage check no load per cell
  • Voltage check loaded cell
  • Specific gravity
  • Total voltage
  • Cable inspection
  • Intercell connector inspection
  • Case/tray condition
  • Water level
  • Wash entire battery
  • Check and clean vent caps and connector covers
  • Condition of tar
  • SB connectors and tips
  • Pressure test cells for leaks
  • Check for positive rise on cells
  • Final inspection and clean work area
  • Disposal of all hazardous materials
  • Total Voltage
    • Our experts have a strong understanding of the wiring in your forklift battery, which allows us to diagnose issues quickly. We use a multimeter to measure the exact voltage level of your battery and make adjustments as necessary to keep your equipment operational.

Forklift Charger Maintenance Checklist

  • Output voltage and finish rates
  • AMP gauge on charge output
  • Frame condition
  • SB connectors and tips
  • Fuses AC/DC
  • Charger settings 118/208/440
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes
  • Transformers
  • Timers
  • Relays
  • Control board
    • Computer controlled systems give your forklift battery improved functionality, but they also add a layer of complexity to maintenance. Because this part of the battery is so complex, many forklift operators think a broken control board requires a total replacement. Our skilled technicians will troubleshoot to find the exact source of a problem, and only replace the components that are broken, saving you money.

Personal Toyota forklift battery maintenance service is more than a catch phrase at TLM, it is what sets us apart, and ensures you that you are getting what was promised.

Taking Care of Your Battery Between Inspections

A battery is a fragile and potentially dangerous part of your forklift. It’s important to take precautions to protect your employees from harm as they work with this component.


Always use a walkie pallet jack when moving a battery from one place to another. Moving a battery is always a multiple-person job, so let your team know they should never attempt to go it alone. Batteries contain hazardous liquids, so make sure there is an eye-washing station near your forklift battery at all times in case of an accident. Anyone handling a forklift battery should wear safety glasses and gloves.


Designate an area for battery charging that’s out of the way from high-traffic parts of your facility. The only employees who should charge the battery are those who have received training on the proper procedure. These employees should always double-check to ensure that the battery’s voltage/amperage matches that of the charger. Only add water to the battery once charging is complete.

3 Malfunctioning Battery Warning Signs

It can be difficult to tell when your forklift battery requires immediate maintenance. Look for the three following warning signs:

1. Over Discharging:

If you notice members of your team running a forklift battery until it’s completely out of charge, or nearly out of charge, take note. It’s important to charge forklift batteries well before they reach this level, because running on a low charge significantly reduces battery lifespan.

2. Improper Water Levels

Watering a forklift battery to the correct level is a delicate balance. Give it too much water and it may overflow or overheat. Underwatering, on the other hand, will dry out the battery’s cells.

3. Incorrect Hydrometer Readings

A hydrometer measures the gravity of a battery’s electrolyte solution. When readings deviate from recommended levels, it is a sign that the battery is not functioning as intended.

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Call us, use our contact form below, or look up your salesman using our tool to the right. We’re anxious for the opportunity to work with your forklift battery and charger maintenance needs. Maintaining your own batteries? Take a moment to review Toyota’s best practices for battery maintenance.

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