Forklift Fleet Management: Understand and manage your expenses

forklift fleet managementThe Toyota Fleet Solution is a data-driven, comprehensive approach to forklift fleet management designed to create long-term partnerships, not just short-term gains—and to deliver better bottomline business performance for our customers. With a robust, SAP-driven Fleet Metrics System, we are able to truly measure what we manage. Toyota Lift of Minnesota goes beyond simply reporting to actually analyzing your fleet and making the right recommendations to deliver a lean fleet, year after year. This lean-thinking approach ensures that you receive optimal forklift fleet performance at the lowest possible cost of ownership. Our goal is to take you out of the business of managing your fleet, so you can concentrate on what matters most: managing your core business.

  • Do you know the exact cost of operating your fleet?

This is a question that too many forklift operators don’t know the answer to. While forklifts can provide an economical solution for moving inventory in and around your facility, knowing your operating costs is the only way to take full control of your budget. Our experts can help you calculate this figure.

  • Are you cost competitive within your industry?

Every line of work is unique, and operating costs that are expensive for one industry could be cheap for another. We can provide you with an outside perspective on the competitiveness of your forklift operations.

  • What are your benchmarks for cost comparison?

If you don’t have a system in place to accurately measure forklift fleet costs at your business, you are simply guessing whether your approach is effective. We will help you develop benchmarks that paint a better picture of the situation.

  • What is the optimal fleet size and equipment mix to run your operation?

If you’re running too many forklifts, your operational costs might be too high. If you don’t have enough forklifts at your disposal, you could be missing out on opportunities for increased productivity. Let our experts help you determine the optimal number of forklifts for your business.

  • Can you safely reduce your fleet without affecting productivity?

While our team loves forklifts, we know that having too many in your fleet is a recipe for inefficiency. Our experts will provide you with an honest assessment of your fleet.

  • Do you have the data to successfully justify equipment capital appropriation?

Never take a shot in the dark with your forklift fleet. Toyota Lift of MN gives you data to back up your purchase decisions.

With this information, you can then isolate underutilized equipment for possible rotation. It can also identify avoidable damage per specific equipment so corrective training or other action can be taken.

Another key component accumulates individual unit, cost-per-operating hour history to target vehicles outside the cost norm for potential replacement. And, it can benchmark the total location cost-per-hour fleet operating expense to achieve the optimum financial benefit.

toyota forklift fleet management circleWhat Are the Components of Forklift Fleet Management?

  • It accumulates individual equipment operating hours
  • It captures and segments maintenance costs by scheduled preventative maintenance, repairs, avoidable damage/abuse, tire consumption, and industrial batteries
  • It further segments by internal labor hours/cost; parts; repair types; and service provider.
  • It tracks all industrial mobile equipment; forklifts, personnel carriers, industrial sweepers, scissor lifts, front-end loaders, etc.

The typical equipment life cycle reflects a fixed depreciation costs plus an escalating cost for service. When fully-depreciated, the total cost-per-hour declines, but does not typically fall to the level of a new replacement unit.

toyota forklift fleet management powerpointBy tracking utilization rates and maintenance costs, fleet metrics will help identify when the useful life of a unit is reached – thereby enhancing the cost-effectiveness of your fleet.

You can view a power point on the subject by clicking the icon to the right.

There’s simply no comparison to Toyota’s legendary and worldwide reputation for quality, reliability, dependability, customer satisfaction and long-term value. The Toyota name is synonymous with excellence, trust and a dedication to continuous improvement in all that we do. It’s that commitment which has made Toyota America’s #1 forklift truck. Just as Toyota continues to raise the bar in areas of lift truck technology, operator safety, ergonomics, design and environmental compliance, Toyota has now completely redefined the meaning of fleet management with our new Toyota Fleet Solution program. Now, like our lift trucks, the Toyota Fleet Solution is unequaled in the industry.

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