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forklift planned maintenance

Toyota-Lift of Minnesota feels that it is our duty and obligation to keep our customers informed of ways to reduce the cost of operating their material handling fleets.

Forklifts have become safer and more productive due to the technological improvements built into the powertrain of the vehicle. Planned or preventive lift truck maintenance therefore has become even more critical.

Engines, transmissions and differentials on these units are being built with closer tolerances on the components. As these units have become more reliable and productive because of these advancements, we need to assure that the manufacturer’s recommended frequency of changing these lubricants are followed. Most manufacturers require that lubricants be changed at certain intervals using the recommended lubricants for their products. Dirty or burnt transmission or differential fluids will cause parts to wear out prematurely and restrict the oil flow through the very small orifices in the valves. Most failures in these units can be traced back to a lack of routine forklift maintenance services.

It’s important to be aware of the cost of doing business, so Toyota preventative lift truck maintenance has to be done in a careful, organized manner by trained technicians. This provides insurance against larger costs down the line in lost productivity and unexpected large repairs.

TLM and its Planned Maintenance Program can work to ensure that your maintenance costs are controlled, your equipment up-time is maximized, and that the overall cost of operating your lift truck is kept to a minimum.

Forklift Truck Maintenance Program Highlights

We approach planned maintenance with:

  • ASE and Toyota-certified personnel
  • Computerized scheduling
  • Customized programs
  • Well-stocked and equipped service vehicles

These are the points covered during your truck maintenance call.

All Forklifts:

  • Ask for operator concerns/input
  • Clean machine
    • Our forklift cleaning procedure ensures your forklift will continue to operate reliably — and look good doing it. To remove all traces of dirt, grime and mold, we use a pressure sprayer. Working from top to bottom, we make sure to cover every area of your forklift, including its underside.
  • Clean grease fillings and lubricate
  • Check upright assembly
  • Check parking brake operation
  • Check service brake operation
  • Check/fill master cylinder
  • Inspect brake pedal linkage
  • Inspect hydraulic cylinders and hoses
  • Check tilt cylinder anchors
  • Inspect tires
    • Regular forklift tire safety inspections are crucial. Our experts will inspect your forklift tires for embedded foreign objects and tread wear to keep things rolling smoothly.
  • Clean or replace hydraulic sump breather
  • Check and lubricate shafts and levers
  • Check steering for operation
  • Check lights, horns, backup alarm and gauges
  • Inspect data plate and decals
  • Inspect safety seat belts and hood latch
  • Visually inspect load backrest and overhead guard
  • Check/fill transmission/differential oil levels
  • Check/fill hydraulic oil level
  • Check fork wear/chain wear/carriage wear
  • Check battery
    • A forklift battery charging risk assessment identifies potential hazards that could result in a fire. We look for electrical short circuits, arcing, fused contacts, hot resistors and lint accumulation when completing this maintenance.

Gas and Propane Units:

  • Blow out radiator core with compressed air
  • Change oil and filter element
    • Toyota forklift oil changes are an important part of routine maintenance. We ensure that thick oil doesn’t stick to the walls of the engine, the engine remains intact and no oil leaks after we’re done working on the engine.
  • Check air filter, inspect hose and connection
  • Check fuel, oil, water system and antifreeze
  • Check engine vent pipe
  • Check all accessory drive belts
  • Inspect spark plug
  • Check distributor
  • Check carburetor
  • Inspect clutch/inching pedal and linkage
  • Check neutral start switch


  • Check contactor assemblies
  • Check wiring condition
  • Check switches
  • Check operation of forward, reverse, and 1A
  • Check load wheels and lift linkage
  • Check caster wheels
  • Reach cylinder bearings
  • Check drive motor brushes and commutator
  • Check hydraulic motor brushes and commutator
  • Check power steering motor brushes and commutator
  • Blow out motors with compressed air
  • Inspect power cables
  • Brush condition
  • Check and fill drive unit
  • Check radial rings and thrust bearing adjustment
  • Check steering linkage and steer chain adjustment

Get ahead of costly repairs, downtime, and lost productivity with true quality in forklift maintenance. Call on our experienced customer service representatives for a no cost, no commitment evaluation of your present service needs. Because every promise sounds like the next, challenge us by asking for a free forklift planned maintenance call. We will perform a service on the forklift of your choosing and allow you to compare our findings with any inspection process you might be using today. We’re almost certain you’ll find your current provider will have questions to answer.

Whether your forklift is a Toyota unit, or any other make, your bottom line can benefit from a lift truck planned maintenance program through TLM. You can view a presentation of the plan through this link.

“Personal service is more than a catch phrase at TLM, it is what sets us apart, and insures you that you are getting what was promised.”

Call us today, or simply fill out the contact form below. We look forward to partnering with you and your forklift maintenance concerns and showing you what a Toyota driven planned maintenance program can bring you.

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