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Say Good-Bye to the Baby Boomers and Their Old Ways of Forklift Parts Procurement

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Did you know: 10,000 baby boomers will retire today – and every day – for the next 10 years?

The management and decision-making roles they leave vacant will be filled with the largest group in the U.S. workforce – millennials. Millennials have spent the better part of their lives online, connecting with friends on social media, conducting research with a simple Google search, and shopping for anything they desire – all from the comfort of their own homes. To stay relevant to this new generation of consumers, companies must be willing to adapt to the rapidly changing customer expectations.

One of my favorite quotes is attributed to Grace Hopper:

“The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.” Continue reading

Genuine Toyota Forklift Parts, Imitated by Many, Duplicated by None

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toyota forklift parts techAll Toyota forklifts are manufactured with Toyota Genuine Forklift Parts and Toyota STARLIFT components. To maintain the highest levels of safety and quality, any replacement part used on a Toyota forklift should be a Toyota Genuine Part. Toyota parts have built a reputation for their high level of quality and durability people expect from Toyota.

Don’t be fooled by imitators. The only place to source Toyota Genuine Parts is an authorized Toyota forklift dealer.

Forklift spare parts might seem like dime-a-dozen commodities that can be purchased without paying much attention. But smart operations understand that the parts make up the whole, and the best way to maximize the value of your Toyota Forklift is to replace its parts with the originals – Toyota Genuine Parts. You might pay more up front, but the long-term value of Toyota Genuine Parts comes from their quality, durability, and reliability. Continue reading

Forklift Lights: You Must Choose but Choose Wisely

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forklift headlightsTraditional incandescent forklift lights can be a real pain if they give off a dim yellow untrue light, the bulbs need to be frequently replaced, and they are made of glass which can easily shatter. But of course, there are options available.

The material handling industry is composed of limitless application varieties. Sure, you have your general industries such as cold storage or lumber where common elements are shared from location to location, but even within these environments, you have differences that need to be accounted for. This includes different floor types, ambient temperatures, racking configurations, lighting conditions, and so much more. With all of these varying conditions, how can you find a forklift that will work for all of them? The answer is: you can’t.

This is why forklift options are so important and so prevalent in the material handling industry because it gives you an opportunity to customize your forklift to fit your specific needs. If you’re in a cold storage environment, you likely need additional safeguards to protect against moisture and low ambient temperatures while a forging application is more concerned with how high ambient temperatures could damage hydraulic hoses and other components.

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But Which Forklift Spare Parts are Important?

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toyota forklift spare partsKeeping a large inventory of spare parts on hand encroaches on both the budget and physical storage space of your business. What happens if your forklift goes down and you don’t have that critical spare part on hand? Your business suffers unnecessary downtime and you may be forced to pay outrageous freight costs to have the parts shipped to you overnight.

How do you determine which forklift parts are critical and which are not?

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Common Forklift Parts: The Terminology Primer

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toyota forklift parts counter

Forklift parts are what make up the machine you depend on for safe, reliable productivity. Get to know basic forklift parts terminology.

Locating the main parts of a forklift is vital to make certain that your operators are reliably using equipment as intended in a safe manner. The following list of forklift terminology will help to ensure all associates are prepared to use equipment effectively and identify items that require the attention of a maintenance technician. Continue reading

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Toyota Forklift Dealers Have You Covered

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forklift fork safety inspectionThere’s a misconception that Toyota forklift dealers do not carry replacement forks and other parts for other manufacturers. But Toyota is your one-stop-shop with our STARLIFT program. Complementing Toyota Genuine Parts, STARLIFT is a parts program that makes forks, tires, oils/chemicals, batteries and other replacement parts available for Toyota forklift mixed-fleet customers. Continue reading

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Forklifts Parts: Keeping it Real

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starlift forklift parts groupForklift parts are not commodities and should not be purchased like they are. Like all unique goods, Toyota equipment and Toyota Genuine Parts may not always be the least expensive option, but the quality, durability and reliability may make Toyota a better long-term value. Continue reading

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Parts Supply Chain Management and Forklift Trucks

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forklift parts in forklift service vanView original at www.mmh.com

For much of their history, lift trucks were managed and maintained in-house, with minimal post-sale assistance from dealers. Now that many lift truck users have entered into maintenance agreements with dealers, equipment users no longer have to oversee the minutiae of fleet maintenance. By the same token, dealers and service providers are now challenged to efficiently manage services and parts supplies to ensure the uptime their clients demand.

As original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) develop fleet management solutions, dealers and service providers also leverage many of the same technologies, reporting metrics and inventory management tools. Continue reading

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5 Crappy Facts About Forklift Parts Everyone Thinks Are True

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Toyota forklift Parts 108947Forklift parts are not generally the focus when a discussion about forklift maintenance is held, most often more time is spent focusing on the technician’s role in the repair. While that isn’t wrong, it does run the risk of overlooking a critical element in maintaining your equipment’s efficiencies and up-time. Forklift parts have to be addressed with the same level of concern that any other aspect of equipment maintenance is given or there is serious risk that decisions will be made that quietly add to the forklift’s total cost of ownership, while diminishing its dependability and value.

When parts are considered there are dangers that several “truisms” will direct those considerations away from “what’s best for the customer.” Continue reading

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Forklift Parts Economics 101 – Might-Fit Parts VS. Genuine

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Let’s take a few moment to review one of the most commonly overlooked value decisions. Where forklift repair parts should be purchased.

Basic commodities include:

  • Energy – Oil, Natural Gas, Unleaded Gas
  • Agriculture – Corn, Soybeans, Wheat
  • Metals – Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum
  • Meat & Livestock – Lean Hogs, Live Cattle
  • Consumer Goods – Coca, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar

Popular Unique Goods Include:

  • iPhone
  • Oakley Sunglasses
  • Nike Shoes
  • Sam Adams Beer
  • Louisville Slugger Baseball Bat

Other Unique Goods:

  • Toyota Forklifts
  • Toyota Genuine Forklift Parts

Commodities are priced to the market value. Unique Goods are priced to their product value. What would you call the product value of Toyota genuine forklift parts? Continue reading

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