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Forklift Rentals: Yes or No, Making Your Choice

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toyota forklift rentals

Are forklift rentals a tool that your business could use? Forklift rentals can provide you with reliable, safe and efficient equipment in times of high demand, when your own equipment needs maintenance or when a special need has presented itself.

Are you in need of a forklift but you don’t know whether you need to rent a forklift rather than buy it? Deciding the procurement method of a forklift can have a lot of long term ramifications on your capital budget, your ROI, and even your operational efficiency. Your concern about making the right decision is well warranted. There are times where renting a forklift makes great sense for a company, but there are other situations where renting a forklift may not be the best option. This list of pros and cons for renting forklifts might help you navigate the complex decision: Continue reading

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Approaching Forklift Rentals The Right Way

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forklift salesman or csrTrying to decide which forklift is right for you? Choosing the right forklift model involves knowing about more than just the truck itself. Here are a few things you’ll want to know before making a purchase:
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Forklift Rentals: Are You Renting Too Much History?

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forklift old and forgottenIt lumbers off the delivery truck like a prehistoric beast, and in many ways it is. Old, no long really vital or viable in today’s environment, it now sits in your facility as your material handling provider’s best for your rental dollar. Perhaps you’ve called for it as a replacement rental during a repair, or maybe you called because you’re busy and needed an extra machine. The price seemed right didn’t it? Continue reading

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Forklift Rentals and Used Forklifts Options. Retired, Not Tired

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rental forkliftsIt seems we are seeing the economy improve. Perhaps you’re seeing an increased demand for product moving through your warehouse or yard and are finding yourself either short on lift trucks to move the product, or reliant upon units that are displaying their age too frequently with breakdowns and larger needed repairs. Continue reading

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Own Your Toyota Forklift Rental

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Toyota forklift rentalsNeed some change in your material handling equipment? You might want to consider that buying a piece of equipment is not your only alternative.

Renting a lift is the most flexible, least risky way of trying something different. Whether it is a new or used forklift, forklift rentals allow you to evaluate the fit for the application in a more comprehensive manner the typical demonstration. Over a period of a few weeks or months, you can be exposed to a variety of situations that would not ordinarily present themselves during the typical 3-day trial.
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