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Why Do People Think All Forklift Parts Are Equal in Quality?

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toyota forklift part oil filterAftermarket forklift parts are often defined as any part not sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Non-OEM aftermarket forklift part programs are everywhere, offered by almost all OEM dealerships and through those dealerships by every independent company involved in equipment repair. On the surface, one forklift part looks pretty much like any other forklift part. That perception costs companies dearly in increased maintenance and forklift downtime. Toyota forklifts are built with Toyota original parts of course. To keep your forklift operating properly, any replacement parts should also be Toyota original parts and should be obtained from an authorized Toyota forklift dealer.

Do you know what downtown costs your business? Some large businesses value downtime as high as $3,000 per minute on a smaller scale downtime can typically cost $15 per minute which is still $900 an hour and over $21,000 in 24 hours when your forklifts are down your company is down and losing money quick Toyota’s flexible maintenance plans coupled with Toyota genuine parts and the star lift parts program all work together as a one-stop shop to keep your business up and running. Continue reading

Repair Parts and Field Service 5S Work

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repair parts and tool storageOne and you’re done. In field service work completing the repair on the first visit is always the goal. There aren’t many factors more responsible for customer satisfaction than the service tech getting in and out, resolving the issue right then and there on the first visit.

Stocking “the right repair parts at the right time” on the service van is critical to first call repairs. Decisions on what to stock and what not to stock are hard but give the highest returns when it is done right. Applying 5S standards, coupled with solid effort by the parts department and service technician reaps customer satisfaction as well as solid returns for the dealership.

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Forklift Parts Inventory: Not Just in Time – Just in Case

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parts-counter-300x216The title refers to the sort of inventory we have here at TLM. Unlike in manufacturing where JIT or Just In Time is the working paradigm, we have JIC. Or as coined I believe by Gordon Graham “just in case”. Just in case someone wants it. Continue reading

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Forklift Parts: Lowering your cost of ownership

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forklift partsSome years ago Toyota Material Handling initiated its daily parts stock order process. This allows its dealers to place stocking orders daily, helping enhance customer service through better fill rates and by allowing us to more fully utilize our on hand inventory.
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