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The What, Whys, and Where of a Forklift Demo

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forklift salesman or csrA forklift demo [demonstration] at your location, in your working environment, is a critical step when purchasing a new or used forklift. Typically the demo will run over several days at no cost to you. With this opportunity, you will be able to resolve if the machine is the right fit for you, your operators and your business. Read on to see the points Toyota makes about the importance of the forklift demo.

When I bought my first car, I did my homework. I researched similar vehicles, evaluating the quality, price, warranty, efficiency, and more. Once I decided on the type of car I wanted, I reached out to dealers and started test driving the cars. Demoing a forklift is a very similar process. As a customer, it is your responsibility to research the type of forklift you need in your facility and the dealerships that sell that type of forklift. Continue reading

Informative Tools for Your Forklift Purchase

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toyota forkliftPurchasing anything as important to an organization as a forklift isn’t an easy decision. What class of forklift will work best in your facility? Which fuel choice is right for you? What options and features exist that will improve your productivity and efficiencies?

Of course this is never a choice made alone; you will work with a sales representative from one or more companies so you can take in as much information as possible to enable you to make the best forklift purchase decision possible.

Would you like to take a few quiet moments to get a head start? Continue reading

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How Often Should You Replace Your Forklift?

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toyota up for maintnenaceTo maintain a proper level of efficiency and safety, it is important to know when you need to replace your forklift. Older, less efficient forklifts can become a burden to the warehouse. They can make it harder for employees to be effective in their jobs. Frustration over a forklift that is slow or in constant need of repair can increase maintenance expenses, slow productivity, and frustrate your staff. How do you know when it is time to replace your warehouses forklift? Continue reading

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Infographic: 20 Top Forklift Manufacturers

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driving like a bossTwenty suppliers of approximately thirty brands slug it out annually competing to be the manufacturer that tops all others in the installation of new lift trucks. The role of forklifts play in getting things from here to there can’t be overstated. Any product large or small wouldn’t be where it’s at without the aid of a forklift, they are a critical part of any supply chain. Continue reading

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Like a Tailored Suit

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forklift workingYou’re getting ready to purchase a new forklift and have one or more forklift dealers preparing quotes for one to fit exactly to your specific needs. If you’re truly working with professionals, it is quite likely that they are looking into options that you may not even know you need. They on the other hand have seen your operation and should be working to fit the specifications of their proposal to match what they’ve seen. Like a tailored suit, it should fit you perfectly. Continue reading

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Choices in Forklift Power

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two paths separating and your forklift power choiceThere are several things to consider when deciding the right way to power your forklift. Among them are: safety, reliability, productivity and purchase price. The forklift power source you chose will play a role in them all. Continue reading

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Forklift Followup: After the Sale

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forklift rentals going outA common complaint is that company representation or attention dissipates after the completion of a sale. In fact is seems pervasive. While it may be true that a company is “always available” it should not be left to the customer’s initiative to reach out, it is a sign of both gratitude and perhaps respect that will have the supplying company taking the initiative to “be there” or reach out on a regular basis just to check in, and checkup. Continue reading

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Yes, We Touch Your Junk

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Carrying the laodFrom lumber, shingles and other construction products through the most delicate medical instruments, material handling equipment is there all along the distribution process. From cradle to grave and back, forklifts of all shapes, sizes and configurations play in integral part of getting the product or material from the source to the consumer. Continue reading

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Forklift Sales and Our Follow Up

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support after the saleHave you every bought something and then never hear from the vendor or supplier again? Well, we’d prefer not being one of those vendors on that list of yours.

As you might imagine a number of pieces of equipment are sold monthly, used and new, large and small. If you’re not directly involved with our transportation department it would be an impossible job trying to keep up with it all simply by watching the happenings at the dock. Continue reading

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Forklift Rentals and Used Forklifts Options. Retired, Not Tired

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rental forkliftsIt seems we are seeing the economy improve. Perhaps you’re seeing an increased demand for product moving through your warehouse or yard and are finding yourself either short on lift trucks to move the product, or reliant upon units that are displaying their age too frequently with breakdowns and larger needed repairs. Continue reading

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