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Little Known Ways That Concrete Floors Threaten Your Forklifts and Your Safety

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Using forklifts effectively in any application requires assessing how they will work in concert with the other elements of your facility. From understanding your dock capabilities to making sure pallet racks and forklifts match up appropriately, a successful facility takes into account every touchpoint of forklifts in use.

An easy to overlook touchpoint that requires attention is facility flooring. Too often, operations that use forklifts experience unexpected damage to both product and equipment because floors become damaged. In this post, I’ll discuss some of the impacts of damaged floors on equipment and personnel, help identify some trouble areas on concrete floors, and discuss possible solutions to damaged flooring. Continue reading

Forklift Tires and Knowing When Enough Is Enough

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forklift tire tech at workForklifts don’t have a traditional suspension system so the entire weight of the forklift and its load rests on the tires. Your average 5,000 lb. capacity forklift actually has to support up over 11,000 lbs. of weight on the front tires when fully loaded which is no small feat. Using a forklift with tires that need to be replaced can damage your forklift and create a dangerous environment for your operator as well as others nearby. Tires that need to be replaced can cause your forklift to be unstable. Riding in a forklift that needs to have its tires changed is uncomfortable for the operator and can lead to fatigue and mistakes.

Because tires that need to be replaced can become a hazard, it’s important to know how to tell when it’s time to change yours. During your pre-shift inspection, make sure to look for these warning signs that your tires may need to be replaced and contact your local, authorized Toyota dealer for assistance if any of them are detected. Continue reading

The Troubles With Forklift Tires

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forklift tireThere isn’t likely anything on a forklift put more in harms way than the lift trucks tires. Every day they’re asked to run over, through and into just about anything imaginable. Throw in a little fun making forklift doughnuts and it’s no wonder why so many forklift tires seem to “fail”.

Some time ago Solideal now known as Camso published information about forklift tire failures and what the root causes are. We wanted to share some of that information here. Continue reading

Forklift Tire Safety

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change forklift tireForklifts require a lot of focus on safety when anyone is working with them, or around them. That focus on safety is paramount when that forklift requires maintenance. Probably more safety concerns than the average Joe might think of when looking at a forklift down for maintenance or repair. But because of the forklift’s fuel sources, its hydraulic system and the sheer weight of its components, forklift technicians need to be very aware of the dangers found on a forklift even as it sits dismantled in front of them.

One area of concern that might be given less attention than it requires is the “simple” tire change.

Continue reading

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