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Give Us 3 Minutes, We’ll Give You the Skinny On the Choices You Have in Forklift Attachments

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forklift attachmentWhen you run a forklift or an entire fleet of them—the challenges are real. Forklift attachments can help you outfit your forklifts to making them safer, less prone to damage, more productive, and easier to operate.

Forks are undeniably the most popular attachment for a forklift. However, they are not always the right attachment for every application, as some loads require unique attachments to get the job done. And if forks are the choice attachment, there are additional attachments available that help those forks perform certain jobs better, such as side shifters or fork positioners.

Selecting and using the right attachment for your application can results in higher productivity, less damage to the load, less stress on the forklift, and added convenience for the forklift operator. So, what attachments are the most popular? Continue reading

Common Issues When Installing Forklift Attachments

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forklift attachment bale clampTwo key points that are often overlooked when installing forklift attachments are the recommended flow rate and operating pressure of the attachment. When either one of these key points are overlooked they can create technical issues that can haunt the technician and cause additional operating expenses and down time for the customer. In some cases, there are additional components that will need to be added for the attachment to operate properly on the forklift Continue reading

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