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Propane Use in your Forklift Fleet

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changing forklift propane tankUsing propane in your forklift fleet? It is serious business and OSHA recognizes that. Implementing propane forklift safety training is essential if you want to avoid a disaster. Lets get right down to the rules, safety IS important. From OSHA regs 1910.110(e)(4)(iii)

Permanent and removable fuel containers shall be securely mounted to prevent jarring loose, slipping, or rotating, and the fastenings shall be designed and constructed to withstand static loading in any direction equal to twice the weight of the tank and attachments when filled with fuel using a safety factor of not less than four based on the ultimate strength of the material to be used. Field welding, when necessary, shall be made only on saddle plates, lugs or brackets, originally attached to the container by the tank manufacturer. Continue reading

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Just How Do You Lift a Tank?

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forklift propane tankEven something as routine as changing a liquid propane tank on a forklift has its safety procedures, and while we have your attention, I thought it might an opportune time to point you to a great resource about this.

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