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Standing Desks and Stand up Forklifts May Be Better for You but Can Not Be Compared

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stand up versus three wheel narrow aise warehouseStanding desks are all the rage now in today’s workplace. While many people I know with standing desks hardly use them, they’re at least there in case you want to stretch your legs every once in a while and get a good view around the office. And I suppose there are the health benefits of not sitting down throughout an entire work shift.

But choosing between a stand-up rider and sit-down forklift is about more than the potential health benefits. Using the correct piece of equipment can actually have a major impact on the safety of your workplace. This guide will help show you the pros and cons of both types of forklifts and point you in the right direction for your next purchase, lease, or rental decision. Continue reading

Narrow Aisles: Squeezing More out of What You Have

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toyota reach truckThe mantra, “Do more with less,” has never been more evident in the warehousing industry. A strong North American economy and an advantageous tax climate are bringing manufacturing and distribution centers back to the United States. The new challenge deals with infrastructure and supporting manufacturing in a distribution center application.

Have a 100,000-square-foot facility? Good, now stock product at the level of a 150,000-square-foot facility. What you wind up with are Narrow Aisles (NA) and Very Narrow Aisles (VNA), which are a key to maximizing space, but they can also make material handling very challenging.

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