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Forklift Rentals: Yes or No, Making Your Choice

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toyota forklift rentals

Are forklift rentals a tool that your business could use? Forklift rentals can provide you with reliable, safe and efficient equipment in times of high demand, when your own equipment needs maintenance or when a special need has presented itself.

Are you in need of a forklift but you don’t know whether you need to rent a forklift rather than buy it? Deciding the procurement method of a forklift can have a lot of long term ramifications on your capital budget, your ROI, and even your operational efficiency. Your concern about making the right decision is well warranted. There are times where renting a forklift makes great sense for a company, but there are other situations where renting a forklift may not be the best option. This list of pros and cons for renting forklifts might help you navigate the complex decision: Continue reading

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Forklift Rentals: What’s Your Role?

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Forklift rentals couldn’t be any more common place. Still, many who enter into a forklift rental agreement are only vaguely aware of their responsibilities with the rental forklift. Let’s get some insight into a few key points that you as a renter need to understand.

Is your forklift being repaired? Do you have a sudden or short-term forklift need? Are you interested in a new forklift, but want to try it out first? If any of these scenarios apply to you, renting might be the perfect solution. Continue reading

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