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Toyota Lift Trucks Is Your Online Source for Genuine Toyota Forklift Parts

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Toyota forklift owners and technicians can find and buy Toyota Genuine Parts exclusively online via keyword search, part number search, or model and serial number search.

Toyota Material Handling has launched its MyToyota Store. Toyota forklifts, a leading forklift manufacturer in North America, now offers more than 600,000 parts for forklifts and other material handling equipment for purchase online. Toyota forklift owners and technicians can find and buy Toyota Genuine Parts exclusively online via keyword search, part number search, or model and serial number search. Continue reading

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Why Do People Think All Forklift Parts Are Equal in Quality?

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toyota forklift part oil filterAftermarket forklift parts are often defined as any part not sourced from the original equipment manufacturer or OEM. Non-OEM aftermarket forklift part programs are everywhere, offered by almost all OEM dealerships and through those dealerships by every independent company involved in equipment repair. On the surface, one forklift part looks pretty much like any other forklift part. That perception costs companies dearly in increased maintenance and forklift downtime. Toyota forklifts are built with Toyota original parts of course. To keep your forklift operating properly, any replacement parts should also be Toyota original parts and should be obtained from an authorized Toyota forklift dealer.

Do you know what downtown costs your business? Some large businesses value downtime as high as $3,000 per minute on a smaller scale downtime can typically cost $15 per minute which is still $900 an hour and over $21,000 in 24 hours when your forklifts are down your company is down and losing money quick Toyota’s flexible maintenance plans coupled with Toyota genuine parts and the star lift parts program all work together as a one-stop shop to keep your business up and running. Continue reading

But Which Forklift Spare Parts are Important?

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toyota forklift spare partsKeeping a large inventory of spare parts on hand encroaches on both the budget and physical storage space of your business. What happens if your forklift goes down and you don’t have that critical spare part on hand? Your business suffers unnecessary downtime and you may be forced to pay outrageous freight costs to have the parts shipped to you overnight.

How do you determine which forklift parts are critical and which are not?

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Common Forklift Parts: The Terminology Primer

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toyota forklift parts counter

Forklift parts are what make up the machine you depend on for safe, reliable productivity. Get to know basic forklift parts terminology.

Locating the main parts of a forklift is vital to make certain that your operators are reliably using equipment as intended in a safe manner. The following list of forklift terminology will help to ensure all associates are prepared to use equipment effectively and identify items that require the attention of a maintenance technician. Continue reading

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Why Romeo Got it Wrong: The Part Number

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Romeo said “What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” Of course it isn’t always that simple, in life and certainly in the parts department a great deal can be defined by a part’s name or its “part number”. Switching from Shakespeare to Ask.com, they define a part number this way:

A part number (often abbreviated PN, part no., or part #) is an identifier of a particular part design used in a particular industry. Its purpose is to simplify referencing to that part. A part number unambiguously identifies a part design within a single corporation, and sometimes across several corporations. For example, when specifying a screw, it is easier to refer to “HSC0424PP” than saying “Hardware, screw, machine, 4-40, 3/4″ long, panhead, Phillips”. In this example, “HSC0424PP” is the part number, and it may be prefixed in database fields as “PN HSC0424PP” or “P/N HSC0424PP”

So, maybe a rose by any other name smells just as sweet, but given the right name [or part number] we may be told a great deal about it after all. Continue reading

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Parts: Getting More than You Pay For

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apples and orangesRecently we had the opportunity to review in depth the purchasing habits of a customer who purchases both Toyota genuine parts and a fair amount of non-OEM Toyota parts. Like many of us that run to NAPA versus the local car dealership, our customer believes that buying the non-OEM part in most cases is the lower price alternative, and in many cases is at least equal in value. What we found, and communicated to them showed that thinking was untrue. Continue reading

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Forklift Parts: We’re Watching You

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Toyota parts counterI’ve mentioned it before; the largest disappointment a parts person might feel on any given day is discovering that we do not have the part someone wants to order right now. While saying “we’ll need to order that” isn’t foreign to us, in this day of expanding power of computer systems and better replenishment logistics there seems to be little excuse for being in that position. Continue reading

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The Toyota Forklift Parts Professional

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Toyota parts counterStill more reading this weekend had me come across some material passed onto us [so this is secret inside stuff] from Al Eades Parts Training Specialists from Toyota Material Handling. It struck me as material that hits near the heart of our staff. A staff that works very hard at delivering the best customer service at all times, often to a point where it draws notice.
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Rudeness Comes in Many Flavors

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phone on holdFocusing again on the parts experience, we’re fortunate as a dealership to be first comfortable in our understanding of the products we represent, and second our abilities to get that understanding out to the customer during a call or visit. This capability goes a long way towards not being rude to you the customer.
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There is no Failure, Only Feedback

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Credit on the quote to Robert Allen:

All of us approach our work with a fair amount of responsibility. We bring to work with us each day all the strengths that we have to offer. Perhaps unknown to us however are the weaknesses we also bring. If we’re lucky we hear about these and have an opportunity to improve on them, of we aren’t so lucky at best it will take a lot longer to understand these shortcomings and overcome them. At worst we may never deal with them at all.

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