top 10 forklift galForklift and material handling information are constantly shared or posted through dozens of sources. Websites, blogs, newsletters, Twitter, Facebook, and more share company and industry news, product insights as well as operational and safety information. Much of what is posted is promotional in nature but a fair percentage is informational and of possible interest to a wide range of readers and that’s here in our top 10.

Every day we sift through dozens of posts and articles in order to refine what we share with others. Then each week just the top 10 posts [or so] that we feel are the most relevant based on newsworthiness are posted by us in this weekly summary.

Notable contributors this week include Land Line Magazine @Land_Line_Mag, The Lima News @limanews, Cat Lift Trucks EAME @CatliftruckEAME, UniCarriers Europe @UniCarriersEU among others.

Did your article or your company’s post make the list? No? Send us a message with your blog or website address to make certain it’s in consideration.

Forklift Trucks and More: The Top 10

Excluding posts of photos, quotes and previous top ten lists, these are the most popular posts from the previous week as measured through social media analytics by likes, shares and URL clicks. Some forklift specific, others not so much.

Did a favorite of yours not make our Top 10? Let us know, we would enjoy hearing from you. Post your ideas, suggested posts or comments below, let’s start a dialog.

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