Toyota Forklift Quest for ExcellenceI’ve mentioned before that none of us really ever planned to be here, certainly, there were no college or Vo-Tech courses taken in preparation for our rolls here in this equipment dealership, rather we somehow were introduced to it, found our roll in it and stayed.

In the case of our dealership, we were plucked over twenty years ago from the sidelines, [a White forklift dealership] and given the responsibility of being this areas Toyota forklift dealer. It came with a lot of demands, requiring professionalism in all areas. I will not say we were not professional in our actions prior to that, but we found there was some work around the edges that was needed.

An example of Toyota’s work with us is their “After Sales Evaluation & Certification” or ASEC effort back in 2004. I found this quote defining it:

“Many of the high quality standards of Toyota’s material handling operations are directly inherited from the car business. After Sales Evaluation & Certification (ASEC) is one such innovation. Across our worldwide dealer network, we work out how to improve every aspect of our service – from procedures to personnel and services to safety.”

Indeed, at the time Toyota representatives went over our dealership, looking at everything from our aftermarket salespeople through our service department operations. Along the way, they made recommendations on improvements in present procedures and introduced us to a number of new procedures. It was a busy time, but one that was actually satisfying.

Toyota Forklift: Quest for Excellence

A quick outline [of the obvious perhaps], we looked at:

  • Personnel and organization
  • Developing Service Personnel
  • Environment [we were green when green wasn’t cool]
  • Job Safety
  • Facilities
  • Service Van, Tools and Equipment
  • Technical Information and Warranty
  • Service Procedure
  • Customer Retention
  • The Customer File
  • After Sales Marketing
  • New Truck Delivery
  • Cooperation With Truck Sales [hey it could happen]
  • Parts Operations
  • Parts/Service Department Synchronization

Here at Toyota-Lift of Minnesota, we all come into work each day knowing that we are going to “do a good job” serving the customer, our company and working to better ourselves. Many times in our careers that involve taking outside input in order to further improve on our best efforts. The ASEC work was one of those times and another example of the lengths Toyota goes through in order to enhance on the product they offer the customer, and the customer’s overall experience once they own the product.

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